Why me?

This story is about an 18 year old girl called emma. She moved all the way from america to canada because her parentes got divorced. But what happens when her mom got in a really good friendship with pattie justin biebers mom. And the problem was that emma didn't like justin bieber , but what happens when she starts having feelings for him?.....


20. Your not getting anything tonight!!

Emma's POV:

I woke up remembering everything that happened yesterday.I got up and went to the bathroom and took a long hot shower, and got dressed.I wore black skinny jeans with a green hoodie ,with my hair in a messy bun.All I wanted to do was to avoid Justin.....I'm scared of him.I walked downstairs to the kitchen trying to be very quite.I ate really quick and just when I was about  to get out of the kitchen I bumped into Justin really hard and fell to the ground.


"OUCH!"I shouted


"Sorry are you ok Emma?"He said giving me a hand


"Im f-fine"I said .I don't know why I get scared around him knowing that he has an anger issue.


"Emma can we talk"He said


"U-um ok"I said and walked to the living room and siting down.


"Emma im really sorry please forgive me, you know I would never think of hurting you "He said


"I know Justin ,but you kinda s-scare me"I said looking at my hands


"Please don't be"He said lifting up my head , and kissing me softly on the lips .


"I love you Justin"I said looking into his eyes


"I love you with all my heart Emma"He said


I hugged him really tight."Lets do something fun today"I said smiling


"Ok what do you want to do?"He asked


"Its rainy outside so we have to stay here"I said


"so that means we can have some time alone"He said giving me a wink and touched my thigh.


"your not getting anything tonight Justin"I said and took his hand off my thigh


"Why not"He whined like a little kid


"Its your punishment" I said brushing my lips on his and walking away leaving him wanting more.


I walked to the kitchen smiling.I wanted to drink some juice, but before I could do anything Justin held my waist with his strong arms pulling me closer to his body.


"You thought you'd get away that easily"He whispered in my ear.


"Justin let go of me I don't feel like it"You said walking to the fridge while his hands are still around your waist.


"I want you , I need you Emma"He whispered in my ear.I wanted to tease him abit.


"Well catch me if you can"I said escaping his grip and running to his room, he followed me.


"You know you can never win"He said running behind me


"Lets see about that"I said running to the bathroom and locking the door.


"You think your smart enough to fool JB"He said closing the bathroom lights.I was afraid of the dark and he knew it.


"I give up"I said and walked out of the bathroom.


"Finally"He said pulling me close to him.


I just rolled my eyes and looked away.


"Justin im really tierd"I said


I pulled out of his grip and got some soft shorts and a t-shirt ,I didn't want to go to the bathroom because I know Justin will close the lights, and I loved teasing him.He was sitting on the bed looking at me , and I just turned around and started taking off my clothes, I put on my shirt, well its not mines its Justin's.Just when I was about to pull the shorts up Justin took them from me and said"You don't need that"He said 


"Justin!!"I said , he ran out of the room with my shorts so I decided to sleep with my shirt and underwear , I was sooo pissed at him.I crawled under the covers and closed my eyes.I could hear Justin coming in the room so I pretended to be asleep ,because I know that he want to have some fun today ,but I just don't feel like it.I felt him crawl into bed, he was just wearing his boxers,his arms tried to wrap around me but I moved away.


"Baby what's wrong?"He whispered in my ear


"Im tierd "I said


He held my really close to his body I could feel his private area getting harder,the thought of how much he wanted me made me smile.His hands started moving up and down my shirt.And then he moved to my leg I tried to ignore him,but he was had his hand on my inner thigh my inner thigh.


"I want you Emma"He said


"Justin no"I said and moved away


He held me even closer and had his hand in my inner thigh again and he started moving up to my underwear.He started tugging on it alittle trying to get it off, but I swatted his hand away.


"Good night Justin"I said


"Good night"He said annoyed.


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