Why me?

This story is about an 18 year old girl called emma. She moved all the way from america to canada because her parentes got divorced. But what happens when her mom got in a really good friendship with pattie justin biebers mom. And the problem was that emma didn't like justin bieber , but what happens when she starts having feelings for him?.....


7. Waking up in your arms.

I woke up in Justin's arms feeling warm and safe , and justin was still fast asleep , I moved away from his grip slowly and went to the bathroom , took a quick shower and got dressed into a mini sun dress with flowers on it and some flats and I braided my hair in a fish tail.As soon as i got out of the bathroom justin was standing in front of me.

"Good morning beautiful" he said with a wink .

"Good morning" I replied back kissing him on his cheeks.

He went in the bathroom and took a shower and changed , he got extra clothes with him last night (such a clever boy).

"I have to go now, my mom's going to get worried if she didn't find me in my room " he said giving me a hug and a peck on my lips , and left .

I just dropped myself on the bed thinking 'I'm not supposed to have a relationship with justin bieber he will only break my heart , but...... I don't know ..

Waking with emma in my arms was the best feeling ever. When I got back home all I could think about was her , her hair , her kiss , her smile ....... I was falling for her , but I was falling too hard and too fast and I have never felt like this about a girl. My thoughts got interrupted by my phone vibrating. It was emma.

Emma's text:
"Hey justin , I just wanted to thank u for last night :) "

I sent her:
" anytime, how could I let my girlfriend sleep without my arms around her ;) <3"

Emma's text:
"So do u wanna go out today , maybe u could show me around Canada <3"

I sent her:
"That would be amazing and I could introduce u to my friends :p, what time should I pick u up?"

Emma's text:
"Any time around 5:00 "

My text:
"Ok cant wait to see my babe "

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