Why me?

This story is about an 18 year old girl called emma. She moved all the way from america to canada because her parentes got divorced. But what happens when her mom got in a really good friendship with pattie justin biebers mom. And the problem was that emma didn't like justin bieber , but what happens when she starts having feelings for him?.....


15. skipping school

I woke up lying on Justin's chest, hearing his heartbeat ,feeling his chest rise and fall , and I just wanted to stay like that forever,but sadly we had to wake up to go to school.


"Justin wake up" I said slowly getting up.


Justin held my hand and pulled me back under the covers and hugged me like a teddy bear.


"why?" he said kissing my neck


"because we have school" I said giggling as he made his way through the shirt I was wearing.


"Why did you wear my shirt?? , you looked better without it"  he said whispering in my ear


"Justin , stop we have to go to school" I said swatting his hand off my thigh and got up.


"come on do we have to go?" He said smiling


"Justin drew bieber get off the bed now!!" I said


He got off the bed with his perfectly toned muscles and I couldn't help but stare. He noticed me staring and smiled.


"you know this is all for you " He said walking closer to me.




Justin's POV:


She looked so DAMN SEXY I wanted her , and I didn't want to go to school , I wanted to spend time with her but she wanted to go so the only way to keep her from going is to distract her. I slowly slid my hands under her shirt an she just kept her eyes closed to my touch ,from what I noticed I think im the first guy to ever touch her like that , but she knows that she's safe with me, I slowly took off her t-shirt , and now she was just in her bra and underwear.I started kissing her giving her a hickey and it was quite tense she had her hands tangled on my hair , we started kissing passionately, she was pushed against the wall with her legs aroung my waist and my hands under her bum for support.


"j-Justin" she said between kisses


"Mm" I said while kissing her 


"We don't have to go to school" She said giving me a smile


I Smiled as I carried her to the bed and we started making out.I opened the clasp of her bra , and started kissing her chest she was moaning.


"J-j-Justin I w-want you" She said shaking


"Are you sure , I don't want to hurt you" I said looking concerned 


"I am j-Justin" she said


 I slowly left wet kisses from her chest to the corner of her underwear looking back at her for permission .


"Just go for i-it Justin I t-trust you" she said giving me a smile


I slowly began to pull her underwear down making her moan even more.



Emma's POV:

He was sooo gentle and I wasn't nervous of being completely naked infront of Justin , he got into me and it was the same severe , unbearable pain I felt before , he looked at me concerned , and he knew I was in pain so he wanted to pull away but I stopped him.


"Justin please don't stop , I really want this" I said


He started thrusting and he took me in a hug to try to reduce the pain.And at some points I would cry or shout from the pain.


" If I could take this pain instead of you you know I would " he said hugging me 


And everytime he thrusts he hits my g-spot and that made me moan , and suddenly the pain turned into pleasure , and I kept shouting out his name and digging my nails on his back to prevent me from scratching his back but I think my nails would make a mark.And everything went well and we both were lying on the bed exhausted and completely naked.


"Justin you were amazing" I said panting


" Emma I love you " He said


"I love you too " I said giving him a kiss 


I tried to get up but as my feet touched the ground my knees got shakey and I fell to the ground in pain , I started crying on how my lower body felt.


Justin came running to me and said : " are you ok Emma?" He said helping me up


" Justin it hurts"I said crying 


" Its ok ill help you through it" He said carrying me to the bathroom


And he slowly sat me down on a bath tub full of warm water.


"Thanks Justin for being there for me in everything " I said 


" your welcome , ill go get your clothes and when you need anything just call me" he said


I slowly started scrubbing my aching body and just sat there in the warm water relaxing my muscles , and just thinking of last night makes me smile.


I got dried up and I called Justin .


"Yes how may I help you" He said jokingly 


I giggled " umm Justin can I borrow one of you boxers ....um b-because my underwear kinda got wet from yesterday" I said embarrassed 


" sure , you know you don't have to be embarrassed " He said giving me a wink 


He handed me some boxers and my bra with a big baggy shirt.When I got dressed I tried to walk to the bed my knees were very shakey and weak , and my lower body was killing me , but I didn't want to look too needy to Justin so I fought the pain and jumped on the bed.



Justin'S POV:

I felt so bad and guilty seeing Emma in pain , but I wanted to help and comfort her as much as I can.


"Emma do you need anything?'' I asked


" No Its ok" she said smiling


I came and climbed in the bed with her hugging her and comforting her.


" I love you Justin" she said


"I love you too Emma" I said hugging her








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