Why me?

This story is about an 18 year old girl called emma. She moved all the way from america to canada because her parentes got divorced. But what happens when her mom got in a really good friendship with pattie justin biebers mom. And the problem was that emma didn't like justin bieber , but what happens when she starts having feelings for him?.....


11. She's like my little sister

I felt someone climb on top of me. It was Emma. I opened my eyes to see her beautiful brown eyes in front of me and her soft lips just inches away.

"Good morning beautiful" I said with my morning voice.

"Morning" she said and kissed me

And when she got off me I was still lying on the bed until I noticed her wearing my t-shirt.

" you know you look hot in my shirt" I said and she giggled

" Justin , tomorrow do we have to go to school" She said nervously

"Yes , why what's wrong?" I said looking worried

" well I think people wont like me because I'm your girlfriend , because I know how much hate they gave your previous girlfriends " she said with a tear rolling down he cheeks.

I immediately got up and hugged her

" if they say or do anything just tell me" I said

"I have to go now, my mom called she's on her way back home" she said as she calmed down

"Ok, but stay for breakfast" I begged

"Justin I can't my mom is coming home " she gave me a kiss and hugged me.

I went back home to prepare breakfast for my mom , when she arrived she gave me a big hug.

"Hey mom " I said

"Hey honey , I missed you " she smiled

She sat on the table and ate breakfast ,but smiled when she noticed me wearing Justin's t-shirt with leggings.

"Is that Justin's?" She asked

"Yes !" I said with a big smile on my face

" so you and Justin are dating?" She said a little confused

"Yes , why?" I said

" I thought you didn't like Justin bieber " she said laughing

"Yh but that was before I met him , but now when I know him I think he's a nice guy" I said blushing.

"Good , I'm soo happy for you " she said smiling

"Did you buy your school supplies ?" She asked

"No but I'll see if Justin could take me"

I ran up to my room to change and text Justin .

From me: " Hey Justin I was just wondering if you could take me to go buy some school things, cuz I dnt know any place her ;) "

From Justin: " ok ill come pick u up in 10 minutes and if u don't mind Ryan and Chaz will come"

From me: " ok ill be ready by then xx "

I ran to my closet choosing a cute outfit , a mini skirt and a floral tank top. I was going to put my hair in a ponytail when I noticed the big red hickey Justin gave me last night and I had to hide it so I let my hair down with some black toms and I got a sweater just incase I got cold, I heard the bell ring so I ran down and opened the door.

she looked amazing and I was sooo lucky to have her , and I have to keep her close to me because I know Ryan might try to do something I don't trust him.

"Hey guys " Emma said and hugged all of us and gave me a kiss.

"Hello beautiful " I said and grabbed her by her waist and helped her in the car.

We went and got all the things we needed and we stopped at a coffee shop.

"So guys today was fun" she said

"Yah " Ryan and Chaz said

"Soo is anyone of you dating?" She said pointing at Ryan and Chaz

"Nope we're single mustangs" he said
We all laughed .

"Guys I'm going to the lady's room" I said as I got up.

"Ok but just don't take too long" Justin said

I walked away to the toilet.

"Your lucky to have her " Chaz said

" I know " I said smiling

"And don't you dare hurt her or do anything that would upset her she's like my little sister" Chaz said

"Don't worry" I said laughing

"Justin I'm serious " he said looking right in my eyes

"Are you playing her or are you serious with her " Ryan asked

"What!! Why would I play her , I'm not like you I would never ever play on a girl" I said pissed

He just got up and left towards the toilet , I wanted to get up but Chaz told me to let it go.

I walked out of the toilet to find Ryan coming my way , I was scared because I saw the anger in his face. He slammed me on the wall with one arm holding my hands over my head , I tried to push him off me but he was too strong.

"Behave now, if you don't want me to hurt you " he whisper yelled

"Get off me you bastard" he wanted to slap me but he know Justin would see it so he kissed me against my will and I wanted to push him away but then he went down to my neck seeing the hickey Justin gave me , when he saw it I tried to struggle to push him away.

" he marked you huh " he laughed

"Fuck you , let me go" I shouted

He gave me a hickey on the other side of my neck I tried to Kick him but he kept sucking on my skin for a while and he finally let go. So now I have two hickeys one on each side of my neck , one from Justin and one from Ryan.

"I don't think he would notice he said , and if you even tell him anything I'm going to do even worse than this "he threatens

I quickly ran back to Justin

"What took you soo long?" Chaz asked

I didn't answer I was in shock and Justin noticed that .

" Emma what's wrong? " he asked me holding my hand and when he saw the bruises on my arms from how hard Ryan was holding me , I quickly pulled away.

"Emma what is that " he said

"N-nothing" I said

"Emma who did this ?" He said almost shouting

"R-r-ryan" I said in a low voice and I showed him the hickey he made me

" i'll show that ass hole " he said really Angry.

" Justin stop, don't let's just go home " I said with tears in my eyes

"I'll talk to him Justin you go with Emma" Chaz said and he looked quite angry

I hugged him and we left.

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