Why me?

This story is about an 18 year old girl called emma. She moved all the way from america to canada because her parentes got divorced. But what happens when her mom got in a really good friendship with pattie justin biebers mom. And the problem was that emma didn't like justin bieber , but what happens when she starts having feelings for him?.....


9. Meeting his friends

Emma's POV:
I was sooo excited to see Justin and his friends . I got dressed ,I was wearing a pink high-low skirt with a white short t-shirt and some heels.
I put on some make-up and let my hair loose. It was almost time for Justin to come so I went downstairs to the living room and sat down waiting for Justin,and then my mom walked in and said:

"Emma were are you going?"

"I'm going out with Justin to meet some of his friends " I said with a smile.

"Just stay safe ok, and if you need anything just call me " she said and hugged me .

The doorbell rang and I knew it was Justin so I ran up to the door and opened it .

" Wow , you look soo beautiful" he said as his jaw dropped.

I couldn't help but blush " and you look really handsome yourself" and gave him a kiss.
We walked to the car and Justin opened the car door for me and he was holding my hand the whole way there.

" so today your gonna meet my friends Chaz and Ryan , their really cool once you get to know them " he said while helping me out of the car.

We walked into a restaurant to see his two friends waiting for us , he greeted them all and introduced me to them.

"Hi I'm Chaz " Chaz said with a smile

" well hello beautiful " Ryan said and kissed my hand , I could see that Justin didn't like it , but he didn't say anything.

I sat next Justin

" So you and justin are a couple now" Chaz asked

Before I could say anything Justin wrapped his arms around me and said " yes , she's my girlfriend" and then he kissed me on the cheek.

I just smiled and then we ordered food and ate and had a lot of fun. Chaz was amazing he was really funny and I know I just met him but I feel like he's my big brother, but Ryan kept staring at me and tried to flirt with me sometimes and I just ignored him , and I don't know if Justin noticed it .

" so did you have fun today?" Justin asked while we drove home

" yh , Chaz was really fun" I said

"How about Ryan " he said looking at me.

Before I could say anything I got a call from mom.

********On the phone:
Mom: "hey sweetie how was the date"

Me: "it was amazing"

Mom :" I called you to say that I'm not coming home till the morning because I have to work"

Mom: " Ok so see you tomorrow"

******* phone call ends

"Who was that?" Justin asked

"That was just my mom, she called to tell me that she's not coming home today " I said

" That means your sleeping at my house today " he said with a cheeky smile.

" no it's ok Justin" I said

"I can't let my girl sleep in a house that has no one to protect her in it " he said

" fine , but is it ok with your mom?" I asked

"Yh it's fine" he said and drove to his house .

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