Why me?

This story is about an 18 year old girl called emma. She moved all the way from america to canada because her parentes got divorced. But what happens when her mom got in a really good friendship with pattie justin biebers mom. And the problem was that emma didn't like justin bieber , but what happens when she starts having feelings for him?.....


12. I'm sorry

The whole drive home was completely silent and I could see the anger in Justin's eyes , and I know that he was thinking about it.We arrived to Justin's house and he wanted to keep me there and go beat up Ryan but I didn't want him to get hurt.

"Justin, just forget it" I told him

He ignored me and walked to the door.

"Justin!!" I shouted

He looked at me and wanted put his hand on the door handle

" ok so you don't want to listen to me now , then fuck you and Ryan" I shouted ,I swear I couldn't hold back I was soo mad

He came towards me and pushed me on the wall just like how Ryan did and I could see the anger in his face. I tried to push away but I couldn't .

"What else did he do to you?" He said calmly letting me go when he saw the fear in my eyes.

"N-nothing" I said

Justin pushed me hard on the wall again and I wanted to slap him but he caught my hand really hard.

"Tell me" he said shouting

" J-Justin p-pleas stop your hurting me" I said with a tear rolling down my cheeks

He looked at his hands that were tightly wrapped around my wrist and he let go noticing what he's done, I think rage took over him , but I felt very weak towards him and I was scared so when he let go I immediately ran up to his bedroom and closed the door he ran behind me .

What did I do , I was soo angry I didn't think before hurting her I saw the fear and pain in her eyes I feel so bad now and I don't think she feels safe with me now.

"Emma please let me in !" I said knocking on the door

I could hear some crying

" Emma please , it's. its just the thought of someone else touching you makes me mad and I'm really sorry anger took over me , I - I think I love you, and I don't want anyone hurting you so please let me in"

She opened the door but ran directly and hid under the covers.

When I opened the door I ran directly to hide under the blankets because I didn't want him to see me cry.

"Umm Emma please forgive me " Justin said

I turned around and looked right into his hazel eyes that were very puffy and red , that means he was crying too.

"Justin it's ok, I just got a little scared" I said

He wiped the tears off my cheeks and kissed me

" let's just go to sleep " he said

"Justin can we skip school tomorrow " I said

"Whatever you want babe" he said

"I love you" he whispered hugging me

"Love you too Justin" I said

We were cuddling , and I felt soo safe , I fell asleep in the arms of the person I love , BEST FEELING EVER <3

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