Why me?

This story is about an 18 year old girl called emma. She moved all the way from america to canada because her parentes got divorced. But what happens when her mom got in a really good friendship with pattie justin biebers mom. And the problem was that emma didn't like justin bieber , but what happens when she starts having feelings for him?.....


16. I forgive you ryan

I woke up next to Justin very relaxed knowing that we didn't have school , it was the weekend!


"Justin , wake up " I said shaking him alittle and gave him a kiss.


"let me sleep" He said half asleep


"fine ill go have a nice warm bath and if you weren't awake when im done im going to throw a bucket of water on you" I said


"ok ...ok" He said throwing his head on the pillow .


I took a bath and got all dried up ,but for some stupid reason I didn't bring any clothes with me in the bathroom , so I had to get to the drawer and get some clothes. I walked out of the room with a towel wrapped around my body , I saw Justin still lying down , I was hoping he didn't see me.I walked to the drawer and got some short shorts and a t-shirt and suddenly I felt some strong arms around my waist, it was Justin with his chin on my shoulder.I just held the towel tighter so it wouldn't slip.


"Good morning beautiful" He whispered in my ear with his hot breath hitting my skin sending goose bumps all over my body , and Justin knew that I get goosebumps everytime he does that.


"Good morning Justin" I said


He started kissing my neck and tried to pull away the towel but I didn't let him .


"Justin I need to get dressed" I said pushing him away softly 


I heard him groan when I walked back to the toilet. I got dressed and had some soft make up on and my hair was in a ponytail .


I walked out finding Justin shirtless with only boxers on lying on the bed.


"Justin get up and get dressed" I said alittle pissed


"Why don't we stay in the room today" He said with a wink and I knew what he was thinking and that is not gonna happen.


"Justin get up , or ill leave without you"I said


"you would never do that" he said


" watch me " I said walking toward the door.



Justin's POV:

She actually left the room, but I heard Emma suddenly stop and gasp, so I ran out of the room to see what was going on.I saw Emma frozen looking at Ryan.


"Hey Justin" Ryan spoke casually 


And I noticed that Ryan doesn't know that I know about what he did to Emma.


"Hey ,what are you doing here?"I asked


"I came to talk to Emma" He said


She looked at me looking very worried and scared.But she walked up to me and said "Justin please go upstairs "

I looked at her unsure but I obeyed and went upstairs but I sat near the top of the stairs just incase he tried to do something.



" um Emma im really sorry about what i've done, I havent been my self lately" He said to her looking very sorry


" I-I forgi've you r-Ryan" she said 


"Can we be friends , and forget all about it?" He said


"ok , but please don't do it again" she said giving him a hug


" I won't" He said rubbing her back during the hug, I was mad how could he do that , and why did she let him hug her?


"well there's a nice club me and Chaz are going to if you want to come ,that would be fun" He said


"that would be amazing" she shrieked giving him another hug


"well I have to go now " he said


"ok bye Ryan see you in a couple of hours" she said



I walked down and sat next to her on the couch.


"so um Justin do you want to come to a club with Chaz , Ryan and some of their friends" she asked


" No I don't want to " I said angrily but calm


"Justin please I can't go without you " She said sadly 


"Why not " I muttered 


"ok fine if you don't want to go , then don't " she said angrily 


I just took a deep breath out and held my anger. she just went to the room and closed the door shut.



Emma's POV:

Justin was soo rude, and I know why its because I accepted Ryan's apology , but I know what ill do. I ran to my closet I got my tightest and shortest dress with some high heels and put on some make up and let my hair down. I was ready to make him mad.He walked into the room while I was putting my heels on.He looked at me for a second and looked away.


"your not wearing that" He said


"why not?" I said annoyed


"Its too tight , you cant wear that" He said really serious ,I know he didn't want me to look like that without him with me so everyone would no that im his girlfriend.


"You cant tell me what to do " I said as I walked out of the room ,I heard him throw and smash things in the room so I quickly went down to see if Ryan came or not, so I called him.



"Hey Ryan were are you now?" I asked


"im on my way" He said


"Ok" I said.


"o and is Justin coming?" He asked 


"um im not sure"


"ok im near your house be ready" He said


"Ok " I said





I heard the door bell ring so I ran to open it. It was Ryan and Chaz and two other friends.


"Hi everyone" I said hugging them 


"This is David and Paul"


"hey im Emma" I said with a smile


"Hello beautiful"David said giving me a wink


I blushed and said " well lets go" 


"wait up guys " I heard Justin say 


" so you finally decide to come" Ryan said


"Yup cant let my girlfriend go to a club without me " He said holding my waist , I think he wanted to make it clear that I was his, so non of the boys can try to do anything.But I was just ignoring him because I was mad at him.


"Lets get in the car" Ryan said


I sat next to Justin and David.


"you look really beautiful" Justin whispered in my ears.


I didn't say anything .


"Are you mad at me " He whispered again 


"Yes" I said


" im sorry " He said but I ignored him


" are we there yet " I asked 


"5 minutes left" Ryan said while driving


"you look excited" Paul said


" I am" I said smiling 


"Do you drink?" David asked looking at me


" I don't tend to drink alot, because I could get drunk very easily" I said


"Don't worry were here to help you if you get too drunk and we will make sure you don't do anything stupid" Chaz said laughing


We arri'ved to the club and we went into the VIP section because of Justin.I ignored him the whole time.


"Do you want a shot" David asked


"sure ill have one" I said taking one and drinking it


"Do you wanna dance" He said 


"Ok " I said 


He held my waist and guided me to the dancefloor.



Justin's POV:

She was dancing with one of Ryan's friends I think his name was David.I was sooo mad but I didn't want to scare her away because if I let my anger out I could kill someone.He was holding her very close to his body and they were dancing really dirty.I think she was drunk, so I decided to walk up to them and pull Emma away from him.


"What are you doing" She said annoyed


"No what are you doing , you were dirty dancing with David" I said really mad 


"So what can't I have some fun!" She almost shouted and I could smell the alcohol in her breath


"Lets go home" I said carrying her and calling Ryan ,Chaz ,David and Paul.


She sat between me and David and she just got up and sat on David's lap ,I could tell that she wasn't that drunk but she just wanted to annoy me.


We finally arri'ved to the house and I carried Emma over my shoulder and threw her on the bed she was very sleepy so she just took off her dress and her shoes and she slept in her bra and underwear.Damn she makes me mad but looking at her falling asleep so peacefully made me forgi've her. I climbed up the bed with her and hugged her and kept my arms around her bare stomach , and we fell asleep in each others arms.













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