Why me?

This story is about an 18 year old girl called emma. She moved all the way from america to canada because her parentes got divorced. But what happens when her mom got in a really good friendship with pattie justin biebers mom. And the problem was that emma didn't like justin bieber , but what happens when she starts having feelings for him?.....


14. I cant do this ..... Your Hurt


I woke up with emma in my arms she was soo peaceful , and then I remembered what I did to her yesterday, I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower , and got dressed , I walked out to see my beautiful girlfriend still lying in bed.       "Wake up babe" I said rubbing her back       "I don't wanna " she said whinning       That made me giggle because she's like a little girl .       "Babe come on wake up"  I said kissing her neck , until I saw the hickey Ryan gave her         She noticed me staring so she immediately got up .         "I-I'll go take a quick shower" she said a little scared.         I held her wrist and said " are you scared of me " I said frowning         She was quite and that means she was a little scared.         "Please emma , don't be I'm really sorry ....." I said          "I-I'm not scared of you justin" she said         She pulled her hand away and went into the toilet.         I knew something was wrong , I saw her phone buzzing on the table near the bed , so I decided to pick it up and see who it is . It was Ryan's number and the text said:         " Don't forget what I told u , u tell harry and u will get really heart XOX -Ryan"         I was soo mad I wanted to throw the phone, and that's when it hit me , she didnt want to tell me what happened because he said he would hurt her. I heard the bathroom door open so I immediately placed the phone back to its place.         "We need to talk" she said         " ok , sit down" I said patting the place next to me.         " I'll tell you e-every thing he did" she said         " Emma...." I got cut off by her         " let me finish, first I went out of the ladies room when I saw Ryan walking towards me and then he pushed me on the wall kissing me and giving me this hickey" she said pointing at the hickey with tears in her eyes.             EMMA'S POV: I had to tell him he was my boyfriend , but I could see the pain and anger in his eyes trying to imagine the scene.         " I'll kill him" he raised his voice alittle         That made me jump and get up, and justin noticed so he calmed down.         " No if he knows that I told you he'll hurt me " I said starting to cry         "Don't worry I'll keep you safe" he said         He put his arm around me and we cuddled and watched some movies , I noticed Justin's hand wondering up and down my leg .         " can we have some fun" he whispered I'm my ear         "Nope , don't feel like it " I said trying to tease him           "Common please let's finish what we started " he whined         " justin we have school tomorrow  we have to go to sleep" I said         " who cares " he groaned sticking his lips on my neck.         He knew my weak spot and i couldn't help but moan. He layed me down on the couch while leaving wet kisses down my neck. Things got heated when he had his hand under my shirt .         " justin stop" I said         " what's wrong?" He said         " we can't do 'it' on the couch" I said smiling as he carried me up to his bedroom.         We started kissing very passionately  , and took off my shirt , I moaned feeling his lips coming down to my chest leaving wet kisses from my chest to my stomach. He wanted to open my pants but he looked at me first .         "Are you sure?" He said         "Yes" I said closing my eyes to his touch.         He was very gentle with me but the pain was unbearable , I tried to put my brave face on but it was sooooo painful.           JUSTIN'S POV: I went in very slowly , while kissing her . But I could see that she was in pain , she had her eyes squeezed shut and her hands was holding the blanket , and I couldn't handle it she was in pain. I was hurting her , and I felt guilty , and when I saw a tear rolling down her cheeks I quickly slipped out of her , she looked surprised.           "Justin?!" She said         " I-I can't I'm hurting you "  I said while putting my boxers on.         "  please justin" she said         "I can't see you in pain" I said          " so were never going to do it again?" She said looking on the ground.         "We are but only when your ready"  I said kissing her head and handing her her underwear , she was blushing.         "Justin we have school tomorrow lets go to sleep " she said         " fine " I said getting into the bed.           EMMA'S POV: To say the truth I was in pain and I wanted him to stop , but I still wanted him to be my first , but he'll know when I'm ready . Damn that boy knows me very well.         "Goodnight justin" I said         "Goodnight babe" he said.       Justin started kissing my neck and playing with my bra and underwear just like a little kid .         "Justin " I said         "What , can't I tease my girlfriend's" he said jokingly          " go to sleep , your such a kid" I said          And we fell asleep at 4:00 in the morning, tomorrow is going to be interesting.
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