The Quest

There was once a peaceful kingdom, called Deltora. Everything went well, till the wicked Satan's fire eagles broke the Belt of Deltora and scattered the seven gems, which possessed Jesus Christ's power of protection. As King Daniel struggles to find the seven gems, Satan's great guards kidnap him and take him somewhere to be tortured forever.

But when Prince Joses finds out, he is determined to find the seven gems and make Deltora a peaceful land once again, and that his father would be released.

Join Joses, his brother Jechonias, his cousin Hana, and his best friend Amadea as they go on a quest to free Deltora from Satan's reign of terror!


2. Joses Needs Our Help!

Jechonias' P.O.V

I took the letter from my brother and went off. I went to Hana's house on horseback. I knew Dea was there. In half an hour I was there.

"Oi, girls! Jo's got a letter for you!" I said, knocking on the door. The door opened and the familiar Hana stood there. "Oh. Yeah, kay. Lemme see." she said, holding out her hand. I gave her the letter.

"Dear Hana and Dea

Yo gotta help me! Father has been taken by Grey Guards to the Shadow Arena or whatever I don't know! He's gonna be there till we find the seven gems of Deltora and restore the belt! HELP!!! AHHH!" she read.

"Je seriously." she said. "It's serious your uncle's been kidnapped." I said putting on a serious face. "Okay, so what can I do for my favourite cousins?" she asked. "YOU CAN HELP!" I yelled.

Hana's P.O.V

"YOU CAN HELP!" yelled Jeje. "Okay, okay... Dea, c'mon over here! Jo needs our help!" I yelled. "KK!" she yelled back. She ran next to me. "Je, get you and your horse's butts over here and we'll teleport to Jojo." I said. He did as I told. I pressed the teleport button on my watch and thought of where Jo was. A blue light appeared around us, and in a split second we were in Jo's room.

"HEY! Je get your horse outta here!" yelled Jojo.
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