Sneaking Around

13+ anybody younger, read at your own risk.
Eleanor Chelsey Cuthbert have got a life every girl wishes for. Her older brother, Josh, is in a band. Her gorgeous boyfriend is George Shelley, also in the same band as Josh. Her childhood best friend Jamie, or he's known as, JJ is in the same band as George and Josh. But one day, her life is turned upside down after JJ develops feelings for her. Will she figure out who she truly loves before it's too late?


3. Will You Marry Me?

"Where are you?!" George asked frantically. I hang up on him without replying. "George's asking after me, so I'll go. Pizza Hut for dinner?" I ask JJ. He nodded and unlocked the door for me. I leave the room and go to the local ice skating centre where George arranged a afternoon there ages ago. 


"Hey babe!" I greeted George falsely once I arrived. He gave me a hug and he told me how worried he was, "JJ wanted to tell me about his break up. He just wanted to throw it out," I laughed the issue off. George helped me put on my ice skaters, then we both set off on the ice. He slipped and fell once he set a foot on the ice, then I slipped shortly afterwards because I was laughing so hard at George falling over several times. "Stop laughing!" George pouted after he fell for the seventh time in ten minutes, "My bum hurts!" 

"Can you stay here when I go around the track once?" I asked, helping him to the side of the track. George clung to the handles at the side, he nodded. I skated off around the track, weaving past skaters, doing spins when there's an empty area. I get back to George, "I thought you couldn't skate!" he complained. I smirk, "Skating champion of Brookside High for five years in a row before I left school," I gloated. George gave me a playful push, but he pushed too hard so he ended up falling over again. "Haha! Good luck next time," I joked. After three hours of ice skating, well falling over in George's version, we went to the cafe next to the soccer area. "Here," George said as he took out a packet of Love Hearts sweets, then he handed me one. "I love you," I read it out loud. George smiled sweetly. I laugh, "I love you too," I reply, completing forgetting about what JJ and I did earlier. "Read this and only say yes or yes, I'm not taking a no for an answer," he said, handing me another sweet piece. "Will you be mine?" I read. "I'm already yours," I said confused. "I meant..." he replies, getting down on one knee, "Will you be my wife, Eleanor Chelsey Cuthbert?" he asked. Tears blur my vision, "But don't you think we're too young? We're 19." I ask, smiling nervously. "We will have our wedding when you're ready," George answered, grinning. "Yes. Yes. I have always wanted to be Mrs Shelley!" I cried, hugging George tightly. George stood up, his arms tightly around my waist. Thoughts of JJ began to flood back and I suddenly felt guilty. Who did I truly love? George or JJ?

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