Sneaking Around

13+ anybody younger, read at your own risk.
Eleanor Chelsey Cuthbert have got a life every girl wishes for. Her older brother, Josh, is in a band. Her gorgeous boyfriend is George Shelley, also in the same band as Josh. Her childhood best friend Jamie, or he's known as, JJ is in the same band as George and Josh. But one day, her life is turned upside down after JJ develops feelings for her. Will she figure out who she truly loves before it's too late?


2. Shush Josh

"What are you both doing?!" Josh yelled at JJ and me. My hands shook in terror. JJ pulled Josh into the tiny room, and locked the door behind him. "Why did you do this?" Josh asked, looking at me with a shameful look. "I-I'm sorry," I wept. JJ put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me comfortingly. "It was my fault. I'm sorry Josh," JJ admitted. I looked up at him, and through blurred vision I could see that a tear was rolling down his cheek. I wiped it away, then looked at my furious brother. "Come on sis. JJ's 24 and you're 19! You're dating the most sensitive boy, George! I'm going to tell him," Josh said, shaking his head. "No! If you tell, I'll tell the whole wide world that you still wet the bed," I threatened. Josh's head turned to face me, "Okay fine," he said before unlocking the door and exiting. "Really?" JJ said, sniggering. I nodded, laughing. JJ laughed along with me, Before my phone starts to ring. "Where are you?!" the person on the other side of the line asked frantically. 


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