Sneaking Around

13+ anybody younger, read at your own risk.
Eleanor Chelsey Cuthbert have got a life every girl wishes for. Her older brother, Josh, is in a band. Her gorgeous boyfriend is George Shelley, also in the same band as Josh. Her childhood best friend Jamie, or he's known as, JJ is in the same band as George and Josh. But one day, her life is turned upside down after JJ develops feelings for her. Will she figure out who she truly loves before it's too late?


1. JJ's Kiss

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" JJ, my best friend, asked my boyfriend of seven months, George. George replied with a shrug and a confused look. "So he could get to your house!" JJ replied, chuckling a bit. "Huh? That was the joke?" George complained, giving JJ a shove. "Knock knock," JJ said, tapping his left hand's knuckles on George's shoulder. "Get off! Who's there?" George continued to do JJ's joke. "The chicken." JJ said seriously. I couldn't help but laugh. George looked at me, "Explain the joke to me babe," George asked me, rubbing my thigh with his hand. "The chicken crossed to get to your house, then it knocked on your door. It's pretty funny if you get it," I explained, sniggering. Josh, my brother, rolled around on the floor, laughing uncontrollably. Jaymi laughed too but not like Josh. George rolled his eyes and gave me a quick peck on the lips. After some very, very rude stories by Jaymi and some really awkward and funny stories from Josh, JJ whispered to me, "Can I have a word in private?". George didn't notice us both sneaking out of the room because he was to busy giggling at Jaymi's stories. "Um, so Eleanor..." JJ said awkwardly, as we sat down on a small couch under the stairs. JJ closed the door and switched on the light. We both called it our secret place. "Yes.....?" I asked. "Can I have a hug?" JJ asked, twitching nervously. I laughed, and gave him a huge bear hug. We both kept our arms around each other for a couple of minutes before JJ whispered into my ear, "El, you probably will hate me after I do this," I let him go, looking at him, frowning in confusion. JJ leaned forwards and our lips crashed. This felt so different to the kisses I had with George. This kiss felt right. But I was dating George! JJ's my best friend first goodness sake! But as one of JJ's hand crept down to my waist, he pulled me onto his lap. He pulled away, took a minute to look into my eyes and to take a breath. I was frozen on the spot. I didn't know what to do. JJ's lips crashed into mine again, his free hand stroked my cheek. Just as much as I wanted to pull away and slap him, but I couldn't. It just felt so right. One of my hands held his head close, my fingers getting tangles in his quiff. My other hand gripped the back of his neck. JJ smiled as he pulled away again. "Do you hate me?" he asks, keeping his hand on my cheek. I shook my head, to say no. Our lips joined together again, and it turned into a make out session. The only problem was that JJ forgot to lock the door, so somebody opened the door and we both sprung apart, "What are you both doing?!" 

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