Take Your Love Seriously

Kayleigh Horan is Niall Horan from One Direction's sister.When Kayleigh falls in love and marries Louis from the band, Niall isn't all that happy.But what will he do when he finds out a bigger secret?Will Niall break through?Read to find out!


6. You Look Handsome Superman...

Kayleigh's POV

I found out the surprise was Louis was going to take me out to dinner, then afterwards everyone (Liam and Danielle, Lou and me, Zayn and Perrie, Harry and Niall.) was going to a club to celebrate Louis birthday.I felt bad that Louis was paying for dinner on his birthday, so I told him. "Lou, I feel bad your paying for dinner on your birthday.Are you sure you don't want me to pay?"  Louis held me close. "Babe, no.This is for you, I have another surprise anyway.Come on we need to get ready.Perrie and the girls laid out something for you." I went to see what they picked.We must be going for a very fancy dinner, because laid out was a mid length shiny blue dress, with blue high heels and a white mid length cardigan.It was gorgeous.I got a quick shower and blow dried my hair, then put it up in a ballerina bun.Loose strands of hair fell around my face, but I didn't mind.I got my clothes on and looked in the mirror.I looked beautiful.

Someone knocked on my door. "Who is it?" I asked.  "It's Perrie, Jesy, Jade, and Leigh-Anne." Jade said.  "Okay, come in." The Little Mix girls came in.They smiled and squealed with happiness at what I was wearing. "You look amazing!" Perrie came over and hugged me. "Now you just need make-up!" Jade done my make-up.She put on me some mascara, shiny eyeshadow, cover up, and really light pink lipstick. "Perfect!Louis will love you more tonight!" I thanked the little mix girls and walked out my room, them in front of me.

Louis POV

I heard foot steps on the stairs.I looked over and saw Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade come down.Kayleigh was following them down.She looked gorgeous.I had never seen someone so beautiful in my life.I went over to her and gave her a light peck on the lips. "You look beautiful." I whispered to her.  "And you look handsome, superman." I laughed at her nickname for me.I was wearing my best tux.We were going to a fancy restaraunt, and the dress code was formal.We went and showed the boys, and all of them whistled. "Oh shut-up you guys, like you've never seen me like this Niall!" She said to her brother. "I haven't.You never went on dates before." Niall said.I was surprised.Kayleigh was a really attractive girl. "Wow.I gotta get out more!" She said  "Well we better be going.See you guys later, don't go without us!" I said and grabbed Kayleigh's hand. "Bye, have fun.Make sure she's back by 11.30 Lou!" Niall shouted to us.


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