Take Your Love Seriously

Kayleigh Horan is Niall Horan from One Direction's sister.When Kayleigh falls in love and marries Louis from the band, Niall isn't all that happy.But what will he do when he finds out a bigger secret?Will Niall break through?Read to find out!


8. We both want this

Louis POV

"Dude, I know your just trying to be a good brother and get whats best for her, but shes right, you need to be happy.We both want this." I told Niall. "But its too soon!" He shouted and went out of the hotel room. "Do you guys think its too soon?" I asked everyone else. "Well, I mean, you only did start going out the day she went into hospital, and the day she comes out you propose, so I mean, it is a bit... you know." Liam said.Daddy Direction always told us never to rush into a relasionship.I got up and went to say Kayleigh.She was laying in our bed on her phone. 

"Hey.Niall's just went off." I gave her a kiss on the cheek. "He's always like that.He'll come back and be happy though.

Kayleigh's POV

2 months later

"Morning babe.Happy Wedding Day!" Louis woke me up. "Hey.Gosh, I'm nervous!" I gave him a peck on the cheek, and went into the kitchen.Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn were in there.They had made a cooked breakfast.There was bacon, pancakes, waffles, eggs, sausages, and muffins. "Wow you guys made a good effort." I staretd to get a queasy feeling in my stomach.  "I'll be one sec..." I ran past Louis and into the bathroom.I puked up.I felt someone behind me holding up my hair.Louis. "You okay babe?"  "Yeah, I think its the nerves kicking in." I knew it wasn't the nerves.It was morning sickness, because I was pregnant. "You still look worried.Come on Kay, just tell me." He sat on the edge on the bath and pulled me onto his lap. "Okay, well uh, the truth is.I'm pregnant." He began smiling. "Thats great!Why didn't you just tell me at first?How long has is been?"  "3 weeks.But are you sure you want to keep it?"  "I'm more than sure.This is always how I've wanted my life.To be married to a wonderful woman, which is happening today, and now were gonna have a kid!Do you want to keep it?"  "Yeah.Should we tell the boys?"  "Maybe not just yet.After the wedding." I felt queasy again.  "Can you hold my hair?"  "Okay..." I puked up again.I was so grateful for Lou always being there for me...


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