Take Your Love Seriously

Kayleigh Horan is Niall Horan from One Direction's sister.When Kayleigh falls in love and marries Louis from the band, Niall isn't all that happy.But what will he do when he finds out a bigger secret?Will Niall break through?Read to find out!


10. The wedding

Louis POV

Kayleigh looked so beautiful.I had never seen her glow so bright before.She must be really happy.Her father handed her over to me, and I walked her over to the preist.We were in a huge church, and even though we just managed to fit everyone in.We had about 300 odd guests and there was a lot of paparazzi outside.There was a camera crew who was filming it outside, but we didn't mind. "You look beautiful..." I whispered to Kayleigh.

"Dearly beloved," The preist began, "We are gathered here today to witness the joining of Kayleigh Anne-Mairie Horan, and Louis William Tomlinson..." He carried on and when we were done I finally got to kiss her beautiful face.

Kayleigh's POV

It was the deepest, most passionate kiss we had ever had.It was amazing.I was now Kayleigh Tomlinson!I couldn't believe it.We released, and then walked back down the aisle, people throwing flower petals and stuff at us.We got into a long white limo outside which was taking us to the reception area.  "Wow.I'm married.Thats gonna take some getting used to!" I said.Louis smiled and kissed me again.  "Were almost a complete family now."  "Almost?"  "Yeah, we gotta wait for this little guy or girl to come out." He pointed to my stomach.  "I can't wait.I'm so happy!" Me and Louis kissed again.After about 10 minutes, we arrived at the reception area.Everyone else was already there, because the limo driver was going slow to stall us.It was at a huge hall.

We walked in and someone announced, "May I present to you, Mr and Mrs Louis Tomlinson!" Everyone clapped as we entered.We just smilied.Everybody started dancing after we entered, and Louis went to hand out with the boys and I went to see my family.  "Mama!" I ran up to my mum and gave her a big hug.My mum refused to speak english, only French, and made me and Niall call her Mama or Ma.She still understood english, so she udnerstood what I was saying.I was surprised when she actually started speaking English! "My baby!I can't believe your a married woman!"  "Ma, your speaking English!"  "I wanted to, for you and your new husband!"  Niall and Louis came over. "Ma!" Niall hugged her.  "Niall, shes speaking English!"  "Ma, thats great!" He hugged her again.  "Ma, I don't think you and Louis have met properly.Lou, this is my Ma, Anne-Mairie."  Louis and my ma shook hands.  "Nice to meet you.Now I get where Kayleigh got her middle name!And her looks!"  Louis was just being nice about the looks.For my mums age, she looked pretty old.  "You take good care of my girl now!"   "Don't worry, I will." 

Me and Lou then had our first dance, to Elton John's cover of Your Song.  "I love you Lou."  I told him.  "I love you too.And our little baby."  I smiled when he said our little baby.After the dance, everyone was doing speeches.Niall stood up first and gave a speech.  "Kayleigh, Louis.I know I didn't like your relasionship at first, but then I knew you two had to be together.You were always laughing with each other and having fun.None of us here have ever heard you have an argument.Your just meant to be.I'm glad your together." Everyone clapped but me and Lou clapped the loudest.A few more family members made speeches, then we were ready to announce my pregnancy.  "Well everybody, we just wanted to say thank-you for coming, and thank-you for your lovely speeches." Louis began.  "And we also have an announcement..." I said.Everyone must have known it was coming.  "Were going to have a baby!" I said.Everyone clapped and shouted out congratulations, and good for you.Niall was clapping too, with a big smile on his face.I knew now that he was happy.I knew now, he was always going to be...

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