Take Your Love Seriously

Kayleigh Horan is Niall Horan from One Direction's sister.When Kayleigh falls in love and marries Louis from the band, Niall isn't all that happy.But what will he do when he finds out a bigger secret?Will Niall break through?Read to find out!


7. The Surprise

Louis POV

I took Kayleigh to a fancy restaraunt on a boardwalk, which only opened on Christmas Eve. "Me and Niall used to come here with our Auntie when we visited her here." She told me.  "Is that a good thing?"  "Yes of course!" It was a good thing, the owner and most of the waiters recognised her.And me of course.

After dinner, I took her on a walk down the boardwalk.It was quiet, just a few fans around asking for pictures and autographs.After about 5 minutes, it was quiet.I decided I'd ask her now...

Kayleigh's POV

Louis started  to get quite nervous. "Lou whats up?"  "Um, well, Kayleigh..." He took something out of his pocket and went down on one knee. "Kayleigh, will you marry me?" He asked.I looked at him for a few moments, then started smiling. "Yes,  Lou!A million times yes!" He put the ring on my finger.It was a beautiful silver diamond.He stood back up and kissed me passionatly.Then we went back home.

Lou carried me in bridal style.Well, I was his fiance.Wow that word needs some getting used to!Lou put me down and I went to out bedroom to get my phone.I didn;t bring it with me because I didn't want to interuppt anything.I sat down inbetween Louis and Niall.Perrie looked at my hand.  "Kay, you didn't have that ring on before you left."  Me and Louis giggled. "OMG!LOU YOU PROPOSED!?" "Yes, yes I did!" Everyone clapped their hands and told us they were happy.Niall just sat there.  "Niall.Aren't you happy?" I asked him. "Well, yeah but I mean, it's just so sudden.Remember what happened last time you got into a relasionship too fast?"  I frowned. "Niall why do you always have to come out with the bad things?Why can't you at least be happy?" I jumped up and ran to me and Lou's bedroom.I was so angry with Niall!Why couldn't he be happy?

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