Take Your Love Seriously

Kayleigh Horan is Niall Horan from One Direction's sister.When Kayleigh falls in love and marries Louis from the band, Niall isn't all that happy.But what will he do when he finds out a bigger secret?Will Niall break through?Read to find out!


3. Niall's Anger

Kayleigh's POV

Oh my gosh.I couldn't believe Louis Tomlinson is asking me to be his girlfriend!I wanted to say yes, but what would Niall think?Or do!He slapped me just for Louis kissing me.He'd end up killing someone if he knew! "Louis yes a million times yes!But one thing...Niall..." Louis looked let down, but at the same time happy. "I don't know about Niall, but lets keep it from him just now.We can tell the other boys." Louis said.He grabbed my hand and walked me back to the bus.Before we were in sight of the bus, of course Louis let go of my hand, just in case Niall was there.

"Hey.Wheres Niall?" I asked as we walked in. "He went to a club somewhere.Guarentee he'll bring back a girl." Liam said.Louis came up behind me. "Thats good." He wrapped his arms around my wait and laid his head on my shoulder.The boys looked shocked. "Are you two dating?" Zayn asked.Suddenly Niall burst through the bus door. "LOUIS!GET THE FUCK OFF MY SISTER!" Niall shouted. Louis and I jumped. "Niall!Calm down!" I shouted.He usually didn't curse. "NO!I won't calm down!I don't want you to be with Louis!" I pulled Niall away, so he wouldn't hurt Louis.But he pulled away and punched Louis. "NIALL!" I shouted.I pulled him over and slapped him in the face. "Whats gotten into you Niall?Why do you all of a sudden care about what I do?" I shouted.Suddenly, Niall pushed me.Last thing I knew was Louis leaning

*Authors Note* Hey guys hope your enojoying my movella so far!Sorry this was such a short chapter!I had major writers block for this part.Enjoy the rest though!

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