Can't Have You

Maya, Straight A student, all the girls love her, all the guys want her. Except one. Or so it seems.

Will her new teacher happen to be the one who will be able to break down Maya’s walls and break her out of a lifetime of habits?

Or will she be able to tempt him over to the 'dark' side where life is about fun, flirting and no cares in the world.

It’s something many girls think about but it’s something Maya lives her life by. Just fun. No strings attached.


3. How Nice Of You To Join Us

We stumbled down the corridor back towards our Economics class and I almost fell through the door into the classroom, Nico trailing me slightly, his hands still groping my body.

My obnoxious giggling quickly ceased though as I stepped into the room and my eyes laid on an unidentified male standing at the front. The class was quiet as all eyes laid on me and Nico and our ever so slightly compromising position. It was nothing new to most of them and I could see something which resembled pity in several of the girls’ eyes. On the other hand, I could also see some of the guys nudging each other and whispering comments back and forth whilst shooting Nico congratulatory glances.

My eyes scanned back to the front of the class and landed once more on the new man whom I had never seen before. He stood at about 5 feet 10 and his frame was covered in a smart pale blue button-up shirt along with a patterned tie, a pair of fitted khaki pants and some black leather shoes. Although I’d never seen him around here before, I did notice a large Rolex which hung around his left wrist, making me assume that he must at least be from the area seeing as he was clearly a wealthy man.

I allowed my eyes to leave his body and trail up to his head. His skin looked almost like porcelain and was speckled with a few small, barely noticeable blemishes. His lips were pink and full and his eyes were narrowed in a very appealing way, one eyebrow cocked higher than the other as is waiting for an explanation. I couldn’t bring myself to speak just yet so I continued to asses him. His head was full of luscious brown curls that gave me a very strong and sudden urge to run my hands through. I restrained myself from doing so, my feet firmly planted to the ground.

I mean, how messed up would that have seemed?

I burst into class 15 minutes late with a guy practically attached to my ass and then I jump this strange man.


“How nice of you two to join us.” His voice broke through my train of thought and brought my attention fully back to him. I bit my lip at the sound of his voice. He looked and sounded sexy. Who the hell is he?! I remained silent.

“And where exactly have you two been? I’m guessing being that there were only two people marked absent on the register that you two are Maya Fisher and Nico Callendar.” I nodded my head in response, words seeming to fail me but suddenly I was reminded of Nico’s presence behind me.

“Sorry Mr…Dude. We had some, erm, ‘business; to attend to. Sorry if we’re a little late but it was very important and, how shall I put it, I couldn’t leave the recipient unsatisfied with the work,” he answered with a smirk. Smooth. Very smooth.

“Well Mr Callendar, now that you two have met the needs of those you were looking to ‘satisfy’ why don’t you take a seat and I shall see both you and Miss Fisher after class. Wonderful way to start the year and a great impression to make,” he shot, seeming to direct the comment mostly at Nico, his eyes not once landing on me. Nico pulled my hand and lead me over to the seats we had previously claimed in the back corner where our bags still laid. I sat down and focused my attention to the front.

“As I was saying, I am Mr Styles and I will be your Economics teacher for this year. This year we will be covering a wide range of topics and will be looking in great detail at the inter-relationships between markets, the world economy and the likely effects of the current economic downturn, Government macroeconomic policy and cyclical fluctuations. There will be a lot of theory you will need to get your head around and pretty quickly if you want to stand any chance of passing the exam at the end of the year. On a lighter note, before we get into all of that crap,” he paused as the class chuckled.

“I think it would be beneficial if you could get to know me. I will be getting to know each of you individually I hope on both an academic and a personal level. I will make one on one appointments with each of you and I guess Miss Fisher and Mr Callendar have volunteered themselves to go first. I will see you both at 4pm. But enough about that, on to me,” he smiled, his eyes glinting in amusement.

“20 questions. I’m sure you all know how it works. You can ask me anything you like but you had better use your questions wisely if you want to find out all there is to know about me.”

“Wait,” a girl interrupted. It was Adele Garner. “So you’re saying you’ll answer anything?” she questioned.

“Anything,” he repeated simply. Quiet chatter broke out among the class as the excitement grew about being able to grill the hot new teacher.

“What’s your full name and how old are you?” someone shouted. Groans of annoyance and irritation filled the classroom.

“The guy says he’ll answer any fucking question and you pick that lame ass one?” Alex shouted. Mr Styles chuckled to himself and folded his arms across his chest.

“Okay, okay, how about this. I’ll give you that answer and you can still keep your 20 questions. Sound fair?” The class eagerly nodded in agreement.

“Okay, so my full name is Harold Edward Styles and I’m 22. Oh and I’m from Chesire, but I live in London now, and actually I only live about 20 minutes from here.”

“Are you single?” Jenna shouted. The class burst out into laugher. Jenna was one of those people who just spoke what was on her mind, no matter what anyone else would think. She waited for his answer in anticipation, leaning forward in her seat. I laughed as I watched her. God I loved that girl.

“As a matter of fact I am Miss Holland. Single and ready to mingle,” he shot her a friendly wink, knowing the effect it would have on her and it did just that. Jenna slumped back into her seat, her eyes resting dreamily on Mr Styles. The chatter continued and Mr Styles scanned the room before his eyes landed on me and met mine. He tilted his head slightly to one side.

“Miss Fisher, you’ve been pretty quiet. In fact, I don’t think I’ve heard you speak yet. Quiet are we?” I could hear the odd snort around the classroom at his ‘quiet’ comment and they laughed at just how wrong he was. I narrowed my eyes and smirked. I’ll show him quiet.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked, my lips still curled into a smirk. The class quietened and there were several audible gasps at the bluntness of my question though again, it wasn’t much new with me. Mr Styles looked at me for a few moments in silence as though he was trying to figure something out before he replied.

“Yes, yes I am. I believe that a person’s virginity is one of the greatest gifts a person can give and so should be treated accordingly. I hope for it someday to something which is universally treated with respect though I know young people nowadays tend to be quite stubborn and set in there ways.” His voice remained calm as if he was completely unfazed by the question. Several students in the room turned slightly to look at me wondering how I was going to react.

Most of them knew that I took a, let’s say, more casual approach to intimacy and the way he spoke about virginity made my morals seem pretty damn low. I wasn’t seen as a slut at school, well at least not in the typical sense. Yeah I got around a bit. I liked the whole friends with benefits and no strings attached kind of thing. I guess I just didn’t believe in the notion of falling in love and being able to see myself with one person for the rest of my life. I had a perfect 4.0 GPA and placed about 3rd in my year. I wasn’t stupid by any means.

Generally people seemed to like me; the girls weren’t bitchy and were on the most part actually really nice. Not so stereotypical for London high school where most of the kids were from wealthy backgrounds. And the guys, well if they weren’t thinking about or actually banging me then they’d just hang out and mess around as any teenage guys would.

I quickly recomposed myself and shot him a flirtatious smile.

“Nice to know, sir,” I breathed.

Over the next half hour Mr Styles continued to answer the random questions being thrown at him and before I knew it the bell had gone.

“Okay class so I’ll see you all tomorrow and I think now that you know practically everything there is to know about me, you can call me Harry, Harold, what ever floats your boat, but I prefer Harry,” he smiled. The students began to filter out of the class, me and Nico towards the end of the queue.

“Er, Nico and Maya don’t forget that I want to see both of you at 4pm after school.” I glanced over my shoulder at him as he was leaning casually against his desk.

“I’m looking forward to it, Harry,” I said before walking out of the classroom.
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