Soft Minutes

Amia Lion had a perfect life, she was popular in school and she had a family that loved her.
When she was 12 her parents died and Amia and her brother Felix moved to their uncle in Canada
When Felix turned 19 he moved to New York with his girlfriend and Amia decided to move in with her old best friends ... the boys from One Direction


4. Who?

'Niall¨s Pov'
The boys and i where sitting in our apartment when l heard the phone ring. ¨ Paul! can you answer? ¨ I shouted without moving my eyes from the TV. I heard some footsteps and then how Paul answered the phone. After about 5 minutes he came into the living room. ¨ There was a girl on the phone. She wondered if she could come and stay with you guys until she finds her own apartment here in London ¨  Paul said ¨ It's probably just some crazy fan ¨ Zayn said and picked up his mobile. 
¨ what's the name of the girl? ¨ Harry asked and looked up from his computer. ¨ umm i think her name is Amia Lion ¨ Paul said. As soon as we heard her name our facial expressions went happier. ¨ OMG! Is Amia coming?¨ Louis said and started to jump around the room. ¨ i think so ¨ Liam said and smiled

* Amia Pov *
After a week of packing  stood I outside Uncle Oliver's house along with Felix. Today was the day where we were leaving.
¨ I'm miss you very much Oliver ¨ I said and gave uncle a hug. ¨ I will miss you with pumpkin ¨ he said and held me tightly in his arms. ¨ take good care of you now, and you know you are welcome here anytime. ¨ he said and released me. I packed my bags into the car while Felix said goodbye to Oliver. We sat in the car. ¨ We love you Oliver ¨ I said before we drove off

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