Soft Minutes

Amia Lion had a perfect life, she was popular in school and she had a family that loved her.
When she was 12 her parents died and Amia and her brother Felix moved to their uncle in Canada
When Felix turned 19 he moved to New York with his girlfriend and Amia decided to move in with her old best friends ... the boys from One Direction


3. I'm moving...


You and Felix was on you're way home in the car when he turned to you and said, ¨ I will miss you very much when we leave each other. ¨ I know, I'll miss you too ¨ you said and smiled. ¨ Do you think Uncle Oliver will let me move? ¨ I think so as long as you call him every five minutes so that he knows you are doing well ¨ Felix said and poked your stomach and laughed ¨ yes of course ¨ ¨ you said and laughed while the car drove up the driveway.   When you came through the door you heard your uncle's voice through the house. ¨ Amia? Felix? is it you? ¨ ¨ Yes Uncle! can yo come here for a minute? I need to talk to you! ¨ you shouted back.
You went into the kitchen and soon your uncle came in.
¨ hey sweet heart! How was breakfast? ¨ it was ok, we ate at Carlshstone ¨ you said
¨ so, what did you want to talk about? ¨ Oliver asked looking at you.
¨ You know I will not stay in Canada forever ... I will leave you some time ... ¨
I know... ¨ he said. ¨  So Oliver ... I'm moveing to london the same day as Felix moves to New York ... ¨ you said and looked away.
¨ Amia, you're 18 years old, I know you want to leave canada and see the world, that's why I'm gonna let you go ¨ he said and walked closer to you.
¨ is it true?!  can igo? Ohh thanks Oliver! I love you! you said and gave him a quick hug before running up to your room to pack
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