Soft Minutes

Amia Lion had a perfect life, she was popular in school and she had a family that loved her.
When she was 12 her parents died and Amia and her brother Felix moved to their uncle in Canada
When Felix turned 19 he moved to New York with his girlfriend and Amia decided to move in with her old best friends ... the boys from One Direction


5. From Canada to England

I'm so sorry I hav'nt written anything for a month but I hope you still wait until the next chapter and I want to thank all of you who actually read, I love you!

Amia's pov

I sit across from Felix at a small cafe at the airport. In less than an hour we will be separated for who knows how long. I took a sip of my coffee before I opened my mouth. ¨ so this is also our last hours together ¨ I say. ¨ yes it seems so, but do not worry, me and Hannah will have a good time in New York, and I hope you will have a good time with the guys in London ¨ Felix says and take my hand. ¨ Yes, I really hope that you will enjoy your stay, the apartment looked fantastic! ¨ I say and take another sip of coffee. ¨ Yes, I really believe we will thrive. And you'll have fun with the guys, but not for fun if you know what I mean ¨ Felix says and grins. ¨ hey! do we need to talk about my sex life on an internationel airport? ¨ I laugh and hit him lightly on the arm ¨ Umm ... Yes! where else would we do it? ¨ he laughs back. It crackle in the speaker and a female voice is heard over the airport ¨ boarding for all flights to New York and London are now available ¨ there is silence on the loudspeaker again. ¨ oh well, it's time ¨ Felix says and stands up. ¨ yep it seems so ¨ I say and stand up next to him. I give him a strong hug ¨ I will miss you, promise to call every week ¨ I say before I take my bag and we both go in different directions, to take different flights to different parts of the world

Zayn's Pov

We went to the airport half an hour before Amia would come. We had made the biggest, most girly sign we will ever do. I looked at the sign, a big 'Welcome back Amia!' was written in big glittery letters. I smiled to myself, me and the guys were so excited that Amia could come that we can barely sleep at night, and now it is just a few minutes left. I smiled again, this will be the best time of my life

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