You thought they were your bestfriends. You thought you could trust them with your life, your secrets.

You also believed that they were actually protecting you, defending you.

Caught up in their lies, and tricks they must figure out how to keep a secret from the person they love most; You.

Too bad they never thought you'd figure it out, after all how do you lie to the queen of secrets herself?


1. For Keeps

You stayed quiet, hidden in the thick fog of the woods. Suddenly regretting following the guys out of the house. You had grown suspicious, your lungs burned and the cold wind didn't do you any justice. Quietly finding a spot so you could hear them you listened. "This isn't going to go down well." Niall said frowning as he pulled his hood down, his blue eyes piercing through the others. He looked frustrated, Louis then spoke. "There are too many starting to suspect things, we need to lay low with these tasks." Zayn spoke, "I agree but what about Spencer? She's supposed to be our bestfriend yet here we are doing this." Liam pulled his hoodie down, glaring at Zayn. "We can't afford to let someone have second thoughts. Are you in or do you want to end up facing her." He narrowed his eyes, Harry pulled his hoodie down as well. ,Maybe he needs a reminder of who run's this town. Listen Zayn, we don't have time for quitters. Now, are you going to play along or face the consequence of betraying us?" Harry asked with a dangerous tone. Zayn growled, pushing Harry away from his being pulling up his hoodie he turned. You quickly hid, "Lets go, it'll be dawn soon." He demanded. Niall glared at him, "Don't get soft Zayn, your too far in like the rest of us. You hurried, hearing a twig snap under your foot you cursed quietly. "What the bloody 'ell was that?" Louis asked, they began searching. Taking that as cue to get out of there you darted back to the lake house. Making it in time two minutes earlier you collapsed onto the bed you were all sharing. Your breath calm, you heard them come into the room. You pretended to be asleep, like you knew they would fall for it. Acting is one of the many talents, as you called it, you had. The boys shoved their gear into the closet, getting into bed they laid down. You 'awoke' once they were asleep. You snuck out of the house, quietly making sure that you made absolutely no noise what so ever. Opening the door you were unaware that Liam had followed you out the door, you felt as if you still couldn't breath even out here. The memories haunted you, Liam spoke which had made you jump in surprise. "Oh my. Hey Liam." He looked at you, smile on his lips. "Sorry I scared you. Just seen you get up and thought you could use some company- unless you wanted to be alone?" He asked. You spoke, "Oh no. Stay please." You gripped the rail, Liam studied you. He walked behind you and hugged you, resisting the urge to remove yourself you somehow got yourself to relax. "What's on your mind?" He asked while staring into the forest. You froze and looked over to the lake, "Oh nothing-" He cut you off, Spence don't lie to me of all people. 'You lie to me, and your still doing it- even right now.' You thought biting back the urge to say anything. Deciding that the only way you could talk was if you lied to him, well practically lie to him. "I just miss him, you know?" You asked turning around and looking up at Liam, he looked down at you. "Yeah, we miss him too, Spence. Us too." He lied hugging you and glaring out into the woods. "We should head in, I think the others are up." You nodded and walked inside. Liam stayed behind and looked at your retreating figure, going in a minute after you. Locking the door he made his way to the room, "I think we should back to town." You suggested, Niall raised an eyebrow, "Why Spence, breaks not over till three more days." You heard your phone ring quickly grabbing it you rejected the call. "I know, it's just that I uh promised my mom that I'd be home today." You lied, although you knew they all believed it. "Alright, we'll leave after were done packing." Niall said as the rest of the boys looked at me with a suspicion. You nodded leaving your phone on the bed to pack, after everyone was done packing you made your way back to town. Four hours was all it took to get back in town, once we were the boys invited me to go out. Harry and Niall backing saying they had some 'urgent business' to handle. "Oh sure, I would love to hang out with you guys." They smiled, those fake smiles you had come to hate with your whole being. After getting dropped off at your house you opened the door getting ever thing inside. Searching for your phone, unable to find it you began panicking. Dumping out everything you had in your bag you ran a hand through your hair. Cursing and putting everything in the bag, you grabbed your things and darted to your room. Trying to open your luggage you hit a duffle bag with your suitcase and all the contents piled up out from the duffle bag. Picking everything from the floor you notice it belonged to Zayn, a shiver went up your spine. Grabbing his towel you heard something heavy hit the ground, you gasped. Hearing a knock at your door you put what you had found away in the duffle bag. "Oh hey mom, what are- what are you doing home? I thought you had work." She raised an eyebrow, "I do, I forgot some files. What are you doing home so early? I thought you weren't coming home until sunday." "Oh, Lou and Zayn got sick so we came back home." You lied, she nodded. "So Liam and Harry and Niall are going to hang out, if that's fine with you." She studied you, just what was it with people studying you? She nodded, "It's fine with me honey. Well I have to go, I will see you later." "Yeah okay." Once she left you sat there on your bed, shaking off your conversation and your mind on Zayn's bag. There it was your phone, you quickly grabbed it. Receiving a text from Harry, 'Doesn't know about this. Keep it that way Z.' You blinked, and furrowed your eye brows. You were going to figure out just what the hell was going on. Zayn on the other hand was madly searching for your phone and his duffle bag. He cursed, hitting the wheel. Receiving your text, 'Z, your bag got mixed up in my stuff. Everything fell out. Thanks for getting my phone for me. -Spence' His eyes widened, "Shit." He muttered, calling Harry quickly and driving off. "She has the bag and the phone. Before you go tonight get the bag, do you hear me?" Clicking the phone he parked in front of his house. He was pissed off, if you were to find what else he had in the bag. You would be in deep trouble, but you already were in your own kind of trouble. But no one needed to know that, you were the queen of secrets. No one could keep anything from you, it was silly to even think that anyone could. The thought made you laugh, "Alright. I'll play stupid, but just you wait. I'll get you to say the truth. And when you do, I'll make sure you feel the pain I felt." Going in Zayn's bag you grabbed the semi heavy object and frowned. You hated dirty liars, to think you once cared about them. You didn't know how they were playing the game but you were playing: For Keeps. And the loser, looses everything.

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