You thought they were your bestfriends. You thought you could trust them with your life, your secrets.

You also believed that they were actually protecting you, defending you.

Caught up in their lies, and tricks they must figure out how to keep a secret from the person they love most; You.

Too bad they never thought you'd figure it out, after all how do you lie to the queen of secrets herself?


2. Fearless

You were getting ready, putting on a low cut dark blue shirt with skinny jeans and black heels. You curled your hair and put on your earings. You heard footsteps, checking the time you ran to your door. It was too early for your mom to be home, opening it slightly you felt your heart racing. "Mom?" You called out, wanting to hear her voice. Hearing the foot steps walk up the staires you slammed your door shut, and hid in your closet. You held your breath, hearing your door open you squeezed your eyes shut. Opening them you lunged out and tackled the figure down onto the ground. "What the hell Louis! I could have killed you!" You gasped out throwing your protection to the side. "Really, a nail?" He asked amused. You crossed your arms, "Just tell me what the hell your doing here." He looked up at you, "Picking you up, what else." He grinned, you got off of him and tryed to relax. He got up as well, looking over at your bed. His eyes narrowed at the duffle bag, "Is that Zayn's?" He asked while walking over and picking it up. "I'll take it to him-" "No!" You paused, he looked at me surprised. "I'll give it to him." Taking it from him and gripping the handle. "Meet you out side?" Louis looked at the bag, then at you. "Sure Spencer. See you outside." He walked out, you waited until you heard him close the door and quickly hid the bag. Walking out and closing the door you walked out of your room and out your front door. Going into the car you held your breath, squeezing your phone you held in your breath.

Louis drove off and you remained quiet, "Are you ready?" He asked, "For what?" You asked turning to look at him. He raised an eyebrow, "For the party, at Bruce's." "Oh yeah. Totally." You lied, picking up Liam and Zayn you remained quiet. You had so much you wanted to ask Zayn. About three hours later you arrived at the Bruce's lake house. Going in you held your breath in, Bruce Winston, is one of your boyfriends- no was one of your boyfriends best friends. You walked over to him, he smiled. "Hey Spencer I haven't seen you in awhile." You smiled, slowly nodding. "Yeah, can we talk?" You asked, only to see someone whisper something to him. You never got to see that persons face but his frame seemed familiar. "I have.. to go attend to other guests. Sorry Spence." You sighed, and looked around. Seeing none of the guys except for Zayn who looked as if he was waiting for something. You forced your body to move to him, it was as if you were trying to force two objects together with different magnetic forces. Bitterly smiling you held in your breath, "Hey Zayn." He blinked, his eyes moving to meet your's. "Hey Spencer." He greeted, you took his hand. It burned you, or that's how it felt. You were disgusted with yourself. "Let's get a drink." You offered, he smirked. "Alright, I'll get it for you." You nodded, watching him leave to get the drinks. Zayn prepared your drink, opening the vile Niall had give him. He poured and mixed the liquid in your drink.

Handing you your drink he lead you to one of the many couches, and he gave you s wicked smile it put you on alert but deciding it was because of what you found you decided against it. "Cheers." Clunging your glasses together you took a sip of the drink you couldn't help but taste something else but liquor. You began feeling a tad light headed, you smiled at Zayn forgetting everything he's ever done to you. Both Louis and Liam exited a room a minute later a shaken up and pain stricken lip bleeding Bruce appeared. Although you were too drugged to even notice, Bruce noticed you and looked at the table and couch you were both occupying. You were on your first glass, he knew you could hold your liquor, he glared at Zayn who displayed a perfect smile. Bruce felt sick to his stomache- he felt disgusted anyone could lie to you; betray you. After your drink had dissapeared you felt the world around you become a blur. Zayn took your phone, sending a text and giving it to a passing by Liam.

"Get the bag, and hurry up." Harry and Niall heard through the phone, quickly pulling their hoods up and opened the door to your house with a duplicated key. Quickly and quietly making their way to your room. They searched everywhere in your room, but were unable to locate the bag. They stopped as they heard your mom call your name. They hid quickly- no time for shock to even cross their minds. "Spencer are you home?" She asked opening your door, walking in she sighed. Lingering for a moment and walking to your dresser opening a jore shuffling through papers and taking a wrinkled letter. Shoving it in her purse she left the room, Harry and Niall decided to give up on the search, grabbing a near by lip stick Harry wrote on your mirror.

'I want that bag, NOW. Bring it to the Green house. Don't end up like your boyfriend.' Niall seen a picture of you and your deceased boyfriend. He had ripped it in half and poked small holes in the areas he had been shot. He stuck the picture onto the mirror, Niall's eyes narrowed and Harry spoke. "Let's go." Opening the door the same time your mom opened her's she screamed seeing two hooded figures she dropped the glass vase she was holding. Harry and Niall, exited quickly leaving your mother horrified. She tried to open your door but found it to be locked. She ran down the staries locking the door and grabbed the her phone ready to call the police only ti revieve a text. 'Tell anyone, and you'll loose another daughter.' She covered her mouth, tears falling from hereyes. She recieved another text from you, 'Hey mom, be home later.'

She clutched her phone, and weeped. You blinked, not sure what was going on until you found yourelf in a room that was vaguely fimiliar. You held your breath, dizzy and wanting to go home. "Dan?" You asked out loud. Zayn looked up at you raising an eye brow. You began crying, suddenly realizing what you had just said. He ran to you, "Shh. It's okay Spencer." He hugged you. And you felt like nothing as if you were crumpled down to nothing. Burrying your face in his shoulder you sobbed. " I need to go home, now." You got out of the hug, getting up and slipping your shoes and looking at him. "Where's Louis and Liam?" You asked, Zayn got up and displayed what he thought to be a worried look. "They went home," "Take me home now. Please." He nodded , "Let's go." You both walked out and into the car. After a couple of hours you made it home, noticing the time yiu sighed. Your mom was gone at work, Zayn closed the door behind him and walked you to the room. You tried to open your door and looked at Zayn. "Shit." You muttered, walking to a plant and pulling out a key. Opening your door you switched on the lights. You gasped, and walked to your mirror. Reading the note and looking at the picture. You held it in your hands and looked at it. Zayn hid a smirk, you turned around and looked at Zayn who looked like hewa going to cry. You spoke, "That's it. I'm going to put an end to this." You grabbed the other half of the picture. You punched the mirror, glass breaking and cracking. Zayn ran to you, "Spencer! What are you doing!?" You looked at him, getting away from him you walked to your dresser moving it and getting Zayn's bag. Throwing it at him, "Why." You asked. He looked at you and displayed a confused look. "What are you-" he froze as you walked over to him pulling out the gun. "Why do you have this!?" You threw it at him and he got up. Taking the gun. "Spencer, you don't think. I didn't know this was in here. I haven't seen this bag since my last camping trip." You wanted to believe him but you couldn't. Not after what he did- what they all did to you. He walked closer to you, you stared at him. With emotions that he never wanted you to feel towards him.

"Spencer, please. Believe me." He begged and dropped the gun onto the floor. You looked at said object, your eyes burning with anger. He looked at you and tilted your chin up, "Please." A tear slid down his cheek, you didn't know what to do. He leaned down and kissed your lips. You pushed him, rejection and hurt plastured onto Zayn's face. "Spencer.. I am sorry, I don't know what came over me. I should go." He turned to go until you grabbed his hand. "No. Stay I need you to stay." You turned to switch the lights off and layed down with Zayn. He couldn't stop staring at the gun. You felt as if you dodged a bullet. Yet you were going to sleep with the enemy. Louis would have called you a fearless bitch.
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