Catching The Eye Of Blayze Rawlins

Tierney Calder decided over her holiday to change into a bad girl not knowing that while she was out of town, Blayze Rawlins was moving in, the hot new bad boy. Should she have stayed as the innocent girly girl she was the previous year? Would she still have caught Blayze Rawlins eye? Does she want him?


1. Chapter 1

Blayze Rawlins. How did Blayze Rawlins end up in a place like this? Blayze Rawlind does not belong in a town like mine. Mystia is small, out of the way and does not hold a reputation of attracting people like Blayze. Blayze Rawlins. I just can't get that name out of my head! Him and his mother, Julia Rawlins, moved here about 2 days ago and rumor is, Blayze is going to be joining us at Mystic High. Not surprising. It's the only high school in the area. We're no where near big enough for a second one. Today is the first day back at school of the new year. Luckily the weather is supposed to be pretty neutral today, not too hot, not too cold. Most days in Mystia are like this, it makes it possible for us to wear whatever we want. Last year I was way too girly so this year, I am changing my look, more of the bad girl look. I was shopping all holidays while I was in London for the perfect outfits and I had been planning this one for a week! I looked at the outfit on my bed and smiled before I stripped down to my underwear and took the straps off my bra. I pulled the lackey off my arm and pulled my hair into a quick pony. I then began the pulling on of my skinnies. Now don't miss understand, I didn't but just any skinnies, I bout low-rise, Gucci studded black skinnies and, I'd already tried them on and, I looked mighty fine if I do say so myself. Next I put on my Club L sequined bralet and then my Blue Lottie biker jacket. The jacket actually wasn't one of my wardrobe upgrades, my best friend gave it to me a week before she moved to Australia last year and I wear it all the time. I ran downstairs and out to the backyard, grabbed a pair of ankle socks and ran back inside locking the door behind myself. See, the reason I was running was. . . It was still dark outside and, I'm scared of the dark outside, not inside. . . Just outside. I sprinted back upstairs and then pulled on my Camilla Skovgaard black studded wedge ankle boots. I am in love with them. Next I moved to my dressing table, searching through my jewelry. First I grabbed out my Sophie Breitmeyer black diamond serpent ring, then my mothers solitaire diamond engagement ring, she gave it to me when I was a little girl and her and my dad broke up. Sometimes I wish I got to go with her. Then I pulled on my Betsey Johnson celestial sun charm bracelet and 'swag' necklace. I pulled my hair tie out and left my hair down, searching for a Beanie while I waited for my straightening iron and curling iron to heat up. I pulled my favourite Topshop zigzag Beanie out of my draw then began work on my hair. I straightened my fringe out completely then straightened a couple of my super wavy parts in my hair. I put a few small beach curls in my hair and then pulled my Beanie onto my head after spraying it all down with hair spray. During the holiday I changed my hair from my simple, Taylor Swift with straight hair to a 'scene' hair cut, putting in the odd coloured streaks and having the rest a more dark brown than I used to have. I haven't left the house much since I had it done and when I did, I wore a Beanie and a hoodie, not even my best friend knows about it, but she's about to find out. I told her to come over at six, currently ten minutes away, so that we could catch up before she comes with me to a 'surprise' at seven. Honestly, the surprise was that I have an appointment to get my tongue and lip pierced. She is gonna be pissed, oh well. I ran down stairs, having now to be quite because my bedroom is soundproof. I opened up the cupboard and stood on the second shelf to grab my secret stash of pop tarts. I've always been a little on the short side. I grabbed out the toaster and put four of my guilty pleasures into it. I grabbed a glass from the counter over my head and placed it on the bench while I grabbed out my strawberry milk and tried to find my super twirly straw. My friends all call me strange but I'm just young at heart. I knew that strawberry milk was in no way strong enough but I always get coffee on the way to school, which I also drink through a curly straw. . . It's a habit. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out, seeing a pop up message from Auday. 'Outside! Let me in now! I haven't seen you in so long! Xx' I slipped my phone back into my pocket, smiling as I walked to the door. I opened the door with a huge smile on my face. Hers just looked more confused than anything. "Hey!" I said happily. "Hello?" she said, one eyebrow raising at me. "Really? Do I really look that different?" in a, dude I'm your best friend kind of voice. . . If you know what I mean. "Tierney?" she asked, her eyes growing wide before she looked back, focusing on my face. "Duh!" I said laughing and pulling her into a bear hug. "I missed you so much!" "I missed you too! Why didn't you tell me about. . . this?" she asked, motioning with her hands to all of me. "I wanted you to see it the same day as everyone else and this isn't the only surprise," I said as we walked back towards the kitchen. "Really? Pop tarts Tierney? And a curly straw? These totally fit your new look she said, winking at me. "Don't wink at me. I might get the wrong idea," I said chuckling. "You know, someone in London actually came up and asked me if I was a lesbian because I was wearing something like this." "I don't know, I think you'd make a pretty hot lesbian," she said, trying to keep a straight face. "Are you trying to hit on me?" I asked her, shoving half of my, now cool enough, pop tart into my mouth. "After that? Nope! Definitely not," she said laughing. Auday grabbed a full one and started nibbling on it. I was used to it and it's the main reason I always cook four. "Okay! We have half an hour of catching up before I show you my next surprise," I said, grabbing my plate and running up stairs and into my room. Auday followed me up and I closed the door behind me and turned on my new CD player I got for Christmas. It wasn't a piddly little small one either. The main part with the controls and where the CD goes in sat on my bedside table while I had a fair sized speaker in each corner, four obviously, and then two standing speakers on the side of my bed. I used a control on the front to select all the speakers and turned on the radio, softly but it was like surround sound and it was amazing. Luckily for me, my Dad had gotten my room soundproofed years ago. "Okay! So catch me up on everything!" I said, sitting down cross legged in front of Auday on my bed. "Oh my gosh, where to start? Lets start with the most important part. There is a new guy in town. Blayze Rawlins. He's also in our year. He is super hot and, in risk of sounding like a creep but, I've seen him shirtless and. . . You're gonna flip!" she said excitedly, a huge grin across her face. "Okay, I spilt, now tell me what this other surprise is?" "Argh!" I grunted. "Well it was supposed to be a surprise but, I can't keep it in any longer! I have an appointment to go and get my lip and tongue pierced," I said, smiling hell wide. Her jaw dropped. Further than I thought was possible without being a snake. I giggled at her expression before grabbing a marshmallow out of the packet I always keep beside my bed and shoving it into her open mouth. She spat it out instinctively, not knowing what it was. "Oi! That was a perfectly good marshmallow you know," I said, pouting at her and crossing my arms over my chest. "I'm sorry, you can't just drop that news on somebody then take advantage of their open mouth!" she said accusingly. I chuckled, my mind flicking to a separate dirty meaning that she had even thought of. Auday reached over and slapped across the arm. "I'm serious!" she yelled. "When's the appointment?" "Uh. . . At 7?" I said, nervous she'd hit me again. "Before school?" she asked. "Yes," I said, looking down to avoid her eyes. I knew she'd be pissed. I sat quietly for what seemed like ages, when I looked up I was surprised to see Auday sitting at my dresser going through my make up. "What are you doing?" I asked, getting up and walking towards her. "Your face doesn't work properly," she said in a 'duh' tone. "Excuse me?" I sad, raising one eyebrow, unsure whether that was an insult or not. "You need eye makeup, preferably a little bit dark and false eyelashes, maybe also I could do your nails quickly," she said, debating whether she'd have the time. "I'll drive, then you can let your nails dry." "But, what about after school?" I asked, afraid I'd have to walk the 2 kilometers home in heels again. "Mum wants to see you," she said, looking at my makeup again. "I'll drive you home after." "Mamma Brentford wants to see me?" I said happily. I had called Auday's mother Mamma Brentford for as long as I could remember. Brentford because that was their last name. "Duh! She was about to go to London just to see you," she said. "Aha! I know how I am gonna do your makeup! Sit down," she ordered. I sat on the chair as she worked her magic. She put concealer under my eyes and on my acne scars from year 8, next she applied a thin coat of liquid foundation then powder foundation. She used a primer on my eyes then put a Smokey eye shadow look on my eyes followed by gel eyeliner on my top lid, pencil on my waterline and white eyeliner near my tear duct. She put two sets of false lashes on and wouldn't let me look until she had fully finished. I checked the time on my phone and started to freak. "3 minutes till leaving," I said, my leg shaking. She turned my chair so I could see my reflection and almost fainted. "Auday Brentford! I look bad ass! You are so amazing!!" I said, hugging her. "Shh! I gotta do your nails quickly," she said, pushing me back and grabbing my black quick dry nail polish. She quickly applied a first coat then shoved the had in her school bag and motioned for me to meet her outside as she walked quickly out my door. I turned off my stereo, grabbed my bag then ran in and shook my Dad half awake, letting him know I was leaving. I then quickly ran downstairs and out the door hopping swiftly into Auday's metallic dark blue SS. *************** "Did it hurt?" Auday asked as we got back into the car. "Not as much as I thought it would," I said, pulling at my new lip ring. "Eww!" she said, squirming in the seat. "Just get to school," I said laughing. "Next time is a tattoo." "What!" she yelled, swerving on the road. "Concerntrate Auday! I'll tell ya later."
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