We Fall in Love, But With the Wrong People

*POV* Bree Dane is heartbroken when she sees her boyfriend, Zayn, cheating on her with her ex-best friend, now worst enemy, Clara. This new kid Justin cheers her up by giving her compliments. All he really wants is for them to have something between them. But, just when Justin asks her out, Zayn apologizes and breaks up with Clara. Who will date who? Read my Movella!


2. McKayla's P.O.V.

"Here. I had it in my book bag," I gave my cousin Bree my new iPhone 5 I had bought since I thought I had lost mine. I took the phone out and handed it to her. "Don't lose it, okay? This came out of my paycheck, Missy."


She laughed. "Don't be a Clara Edwards!" I laughed, too. She had taken the phone and put it in her purse.


Clara Edwards was her ex-best friend. In Kindergarten, it was all fun, juice boxes, and rainbows between them. Now, in ninth grade, it's all skulls, broken bones, and sabotage. Clara was to blame for every single mishap for Bree. Why was Bree insecure and why does she cut herself? Clara told her she was fat and ugly. Why is she abused? Clara sold her parents drugs, and they got hooked onto it. Why did Bree have an eating disorder? Clara said she was fat. Clara Edwards is a monster to us, and most of the student body. She thinks she rules the school. Well, *newsflash,* Clara! You don't.


"Move outta the way!" Clara barked at people.


"Clara," I said, "the hall isn't yours. It's everybody's."


She jerked her head around. "Who asked you?!" she snapped.


"Clara, just get away. Now." Bree said. Clara left.

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