We Fall in Love, But With the Wrong People

*POV* Bree Dane is heartbroken when she sees her boyfriend, Zayn, cheating on her with her ex-best friend, now worst enemy, Clara. This new kid Justin cheers her up by giving her compliments. All he really wants is for them to have something between them. But, just when Justin asks her out, Zayn apologizes and breaks up with Clara. Who will date who? Read my Movella!


1. Bree's P.O.V.

I'm Bree. I live in Ontario, Canada, and...yeah:) Anyways, I'm insecure and a single pringle;). My S4E [Sista 4 Ever], AKA my cousin, helps me out with that stuff as much as she can. She gives me lots of pep everyday. Well, I'm at school right now.

"Hey Bree!" My cousin said right when she saw me.

"Hey McKayla."

"I bought another iPhone 5, since I lost mine, but I found it. I wanted to know if you would like the new one."

McKayla and I had to buy our own things. ("It's all part of being a teenager," our parents agreed).

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