Just say yes

Harry styles meets this cute blonde girl with big blue eyes. He loves her and maybe she loves him. They meet on a dating site. The only problem is the girl is He is about to go on tour and only has one summer to show her he cares .What will he do, he wants her so bad? Read and find out


4. Rehearsals

MaryKate's POV
I woke up in Louis arms. Harry told me what happened and I screamed so loud. He covered his ears. My face hurt and then I remembered zayn. Abusing me how rude! " I got her lou thats for your help!" Harry said to Louis. " no problem hazza!" Louis said and harry picked me up. He walked me over to the couch and layed me down on the couch. He put in pitch perfect and I did the cup song when she did it. He smiled and I said" Marious I love u!" "Eponine I love u to!" He told me and we laughed. He leaned in and kissed me passionately. Like never before. Our tongues danced in each others mouths. We kissed until we ran out of breath. I think we forgot Megan and niall were here because they fell asleep Megan with her head on niall. Liam and Sydney starred at us. I blushed and harry said "wanna go practice our lines we gtg to the studio to meet all the other charecter they work with" I nodded my head and he picked me up and took me out to the car. Luckily I brushed my hair and my clothes looked like new. I still had the same stuff on from yesterday my strapless ambercrombie navy blue dress, my sparkly grey tights and my hunger games toms. We arrived on set and they took me to do my makeup. They covered up my black eye and put me in a beatin down lite blue dress and did my makeup to look like I was poor. They had me wear sandals that were beaten down and they had us go from my death scene. I started singing the song a little fall of rain with harry it was our main duet. The last note were he is my echo and then I die in his arms was amazayn. I loved it. We ran through the whole thing. The director kept saying I was an amazing epinine. We finished up and went home in our normal clothes and no makeup. My black eye was showing which I hated, but harry just kept smiling on every scene we did together even the death scene. The director had gotten so mad at him. I laughed so hard every time he would yell at harry for smiling.

Harry's POV
It was amazayn. Idk y but I couldn't kept a straight face and the director got pretty mad at me. Mk would laugh and continue the scene. We got home and it was 2:00 in the morning. "Woah baby we went to that rehearsal for a long time." I said " OMG i didn't know Sherlock Holmes was here!" Katie said and Louis laughed him and elanor were kissing but we ignored them and went off to the bedroom to sleep on a bed tonigh rand not on the floor. We stopped by mks in the way here so she had clothes today. She changed and just knocked out on the bed. I got my sweats on and fell asleep with her in my arms. This was a wonderful day.
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