Just say yes

Harry styles meets this cute blonde girl with big blue eyes. He loves her and maybe she loves him. They meet on a dating site. The only problem is the girl is He is about to go on tour and only has one summer to show her he cares .What will he do, he wants her so bad? Read and find out


2. Late night calls

MaryKate's POV
I looked over at the clock. It was already 11:00 at night! I closed my eyes and dosed off to sleep. Suddenly the phone rings I sit up and answer it. It's harry "hello?" I said trying not to sound so tired since it was 3 in the morning! " I just wanted to call and say I really like u and that I had a lot of fun today!" He said sounding wide awake. "Y would u call me now!" I said " cause I wanted to invite u over to me and Louis flat so that u can see niall and his new girlfriend Liam and Sydney are hear to oh yah and I want u to meet zayn!" He said " will u pick me up cause I can't drive" I said quickly and began to get dressed " we'll I know u can't drive I'm outside your house come out right now!!" He said. I finished getting ready and ran outside to the limo that was now waiting in front of my house. My parents wouldn't even care they let me do whatever I want! I got in the limo and harry slid over next to me and off we went to Louis and Harry's flat. He wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear. " we might play truth or dare tonight couple version!" " cool that sounds like fun" I said and the next thing I knew we were at their house.

Harry's POV
We arrived at the house and when we walked in Megan and niall were making out on my couch. " NIALL!" I yelled jokingly and he blushed Megan sat up and ran over to Kate and gave her a huge hug. I guess they know each other. We all sai in a circle with our date next to us. Niall with Megan, Liam with Sydney, Zayn with Perrie, and Louis with Eleanor ( idc if I spelled Perrie wrong spell check sucks) Louis went first. " truth or dare harry and Kate." He said we decided together to pick dare "dare" Kate said proud and happy. " ok I dare u and harry to kiss on the lips like full in make out for 10 minutes" I shrugged and looked at Kate " YOUR ON!!!!" We yelled in unison and began to kiss "WOAH WOAH WOAH GO IN THE OTHER ROOM WITH THAT LETS KEEP IT PG IN HERE" niall yelled and I kicked him in the groin. He screamed back and bite my leg. We continued kissing until the ten minutes was up. "Ok it's your turn now" Louis said to me and Kate.
Kate looked at Sydney and Liam and we nodded. " truth or dare Sydney and Liam" she said with power in her voice. " dare" they said in unison " I dare u 2 to ummmmm let me think. Oh I got it I dare u 2 to sit on top of niall and Megan while u make out for 5 minutes.!" I said to them. They walked over to niall and Megan and sat down niall screamed and Megan just bit Sydney's shoulder the entire time. By the end of it Kate was asleep on my shoulder. She was really tired. So I left her there and told Louis to go get us some pillows and a blanket. Louis came out with a pillow and blanket for each couple I layed the blanket on top of us and the pillow under our heads. And eventually we fall asleep.

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