Just say yes

Harry styles meets this cute blonde girl with big blue eyes. He loves her and maybe she loves him. They meet on a dating site. The only problem is the girl is He is about to go on tour and only has one summer to show her he cares .What will he do, he wants her so bad? Read and find out


3. Emails and abuse


Mary-Kate's POV
I woke up in Harry's arms. He looked so handsome when he slept. I got up and walked over to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Zayn was in there so I knew we were the only ones awake. Zayn looked at me and pushed me I to the corner kissing me. I kicked him in the groin an he punched me in the eye and said" U should learn to listen sweetheart" he slapped me on my lip and I felt blood trickle down my chin. Suddenly harry woke up "u tell anyone ill hurt u!" Zayn snapped back at me and left to go change. Harry walked in and saw me. "Katie kat what's happened to u love?" He asked worried about me. I explained everything as he helped me with the blood. I looked in the mirror and I had a fat lip and a black eye. Harry fan into the room with zayn just as everyone else woke up. All u heard was screaming from the room with harry and zayn. Perrie went in and harry told her everything. She ran out crying and left the house. I assumed they broke up and harry walked and picked me up. He kissed me and said " no one will ever lay a hand on u again" he pulled me in for a hug and we stayed like that for a while.

Harry's POV
I can't believe he did that! I wanted to kill him! " wanna just hang out today love?" I asked her knowing she wouldn't want to be in public with her fat lip and black eye. She said "yes that'd be nice!" She smiled I hugged her tightly. "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww curly likes Katie a lot!" Everyone said In unison. Liam and Sydney were holding hands. "OMFG what happened" Megan and Sydney said in unison. I explained what happened and she got a hug from everyone. Zayn still hasn't come out of his room. Good for him he needs to stay in there I thought. My phone buzzed. I had gotten an email for being the part of Marious and having MaryKate play epinine in there les miserables show. I quickly replied" yes we would love 2" and sent it. Within seconds there was another email saying how I wouldn't have to kiss cossete cause its not in the script. I smiled and showed Katie. She fainted and Louis caught her" what is it" everyone said in unison I showed them the email. Megan and Sydney smiled " OMG it's her life long dream to play epinine in les miserables with u as Marious. She sang the les miserables song in chorus on my own sang by epinine." Sydney and megan said. I smiled I loved les miserables e only problem was that she was epinine and not cossete. At least I still love her in real life. This went from horrible to amazayn
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