Just say yes

Harry styles meets this cute blonde girl with big blue eyes. He loves her and maybe she loves him. They meet on a dating site. The only problem is the girl is He is about to go on tour and only has one summer to show her he cares .What will he do, he wants her so bad? Read and find out


17. Authors note

ok so I've been having some serious friend drama and I they basically told me I'm to obsessed with harry styles. So yeah after that I cried for 2 hours and I think I'm gonna drop the band and all my movellas. I'm to "obsessed" as my friends basically put it. So I've done a lot of thinking and crying and I've decided to stop updating all my movellas. I can't take it any more. To many people not just my friends call me obsessed. It hurts me alot so this will be the last Time u hear from me. If u do love my books maybe u can try to convince to keep writing theses and to still love the band, but for now I've made my decision. I know it's silly to do this because of what others think, but I'm super insecure all the time. This letter will be in all my books. Sooo goodbye ill miss your comments and likes. Maybe u can help me type and over come everything. I do need help please comment if u want me to keep writing and if I should still like the band. Sooooo that's that. Ill check your comments everyday.

Mrs. Styles forever signs out of this book for good. Good bye I love u all for liking my story and everything. Good bye guys.
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