What It’s Like to be in Hell and Heaven

18-year-old Angel Clark is fed up with her (single) mother abusing her. In fact, she wishes her mother would’ve sailed that ship into the Bermuda Triangle instead of her father. She tries very hard to escape and one (stormy) day she does. Except, she doesn't expect Josh Hutcherson rescuing her. Read my Movella to find out what happens!


9. Sequel: What It's Like to be a Mom

Hello! I would LOVE it if you read my sequel! My writing skills have improved GREATLY since this book, and I didn't know what I should publish, so I decided a sequel would be fine!!!

The book is called: What It's Like to be a Mom

I hope that there will be way more chapters in that book and I have more plot twists planned!

Please read/enjoy my new book! Love ya all! Muah!

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