What It’s Like to be in Hell and Heaven

18-year-old Angel Clark is fed up with her (single) mother abusing her. In fact, she wishes her mother would’ve sailed that ship into the Bermuda Triangle instead of her father. She tries very hard to escape and one (stormy) day she does. Except, she doesn't expect Josh Hutcherson rescuing her. Read my Movella to find out what happens!


1. My Story

My name is Angel Brinley Clark. I am 18 years old today. My father got lost in the Bermuda Triangle when I was only 10, so it's been 8 years now that I was fatherless and of abusing. My mother beats me every chance she can get, and it's rather sad. Sometimes, I wish that my mother had gotten sucked into the Triangle rather than my father. He would always tell me stories about what he did and what he saw on his travels. He even brought pictures that were printed straight from his iPhone, so they were always cropped and filtered. Only one day I got to see the true, un-cropped, unfiltered, sea and islands for myself. I was so happy, I was crying tears of joy. “I’m so glad you brought me here, daddy! I can't believe I get to see the sea and islands IN PERSON!” I said to him. He would caress my face and kiss my cheek. It was like I was in Heaven, in those days. But my mom makes me feel like I live in Hell now.

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