What It’s Like to be in Hell and Heaven

18-year-old Angel Clark is fed up with her (single) mother abusing her. In fact, she wishes her mother would’ve sailed that ship into the Bermuda Triangle instead of her father. She tries very hard to escape and one (stormy) day she does. Except, she doesn't expect Josh Hutcherson rescuing her. Read my Movella to find out what happens!


7. My Confusing Love Life

Conner was so nice. But wasn't it  Josh I loved? After all, he did save me. Then again, it's illegal to date someone younger than 18 if you were older...


"Conner! I said that she's mine! She likes me! I doubt that she even likes younger boys, so just go. Now." I could hear Josh saying.


Knock, knock, knock. It was my door.


"Hey," I said, opening the door up. "What's up?" Of course it was Josh and Conner.


"Hey, Angel, can you settle an argument for us, please?" Conner said sweetly.




"Who do you like better?" Josh interrupted.


"I like you both, but...Conner--"


"Ha! I knew she liked me better!" Conner said.


"No, it's just...Conner, I really like you, but it's illegal for us to be a couple. I'm basically an adult, remember? You're 17. I'm sorry, but I'd definitely date you if I could." Conner looked very hurt. He ran out of the room to his.


Josh smiled and said, "So...you like me better, eh?" I smiled and shrugged.


"Enough to be my girlfriend?" Again, I smiled and shrugged.

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