she's not afraid

Breathing heavily, I stared down at the water that was far below me. Standing on the edge of the bridge, I prepared myself. Just on simple jump and it would all be over. All the pain, all the suffering, all the memories.. it would all be gone. On the count of three..
"One... two... thr-"


8. shopping spree

it had been a week now, since niall had found me. i had been debating on whether or not i was a burden to them, and if i should stay or go. i felt like i belonged here, but i also felt like i was annoying the boys.

"Kally, get dressed, we're going somewhere!" shouted niall.

"where are we going?"

"shopping! now hurry up and get dressed!" i couldn't let them spend money on me! i walked into niall's room. i stopped dead in my tracks. he wasn't wearing a shirt, and i couldn't help but stare. my eyes raked down his body. he was so in shape! when i finally took my eyes from his torso, he was smirking at me. i felt my cheeks grow warm, and i looked down. he pulled a top on and started walking towards me. "why aren't you dressed yet, love?"

"i-i- i can't let you spend your money on me.." i stuttered. his body had quite a impact on me.

"kally, it's fine. i promise."

"but niall, i feel so bad!"

"kally. look at me." i looked up. "it. is. fine."


"good girl. now, go get dressed, hurry up!"  i walked out of his room, and back into the one i was staying in. i quickly threw on some jeans and a one direction hoodie, just for kicks. i put my hair in a messy bun, and quickly did my makeup. i pulled on my uggs, then walked to the bathroom. ugh. good enough. i walked into the living room. niall looked up and laughed, looking at my sweater. the other boys looked up, also laughing. i smiled at them.

"nice sweater," harry said, winking. 

"i thought so" i said, giggling.

"you ready to go?" niall asked. i nodded, and he stood up.

"where are you two headed?" zayn asked.

"im taking kally shopping."

"oh. well, have fun" we waved at the boys, and stepped out the door. niall, being the gentleman that he is, beat me to the car, opening my door for me. 

"thank you, sir," i said, hopping in.

"you're very welcome, m'lady." he replied, closing the door. he ran around the car and jumped in. "shall we?"

"we shall!"



**7 hours later**


"whoa, talk about shopping till you drop." niall said, plopping down on a mall couch. i sat beside him.

"no doubt, my feet are killing me." all together, we had spent about 900 dollars, and i felt terrible. "niall, you really didn-"

"kally, shhhh. i promise, it's fine!" i smiled.

"are you sure?"


"okay.. should we head home? i think im good for clothes, now."

"alright. lets head out, then."

we walked out to niall's range rover, stuffing all the bags in the back seat. i hopped in the passenger seat, niall in the drivers. "hey niall?"


"thank you. for everything." i said, smiling.

"you're welcome kally."



*ohmygod, okay, i know the last time i updated was like, forever ago, and im so sorry!! i had such a busy week, and i was pretty stressed. but i finally got a chapter up! i even made a new cover :D by the way, if you guys want to know anything about me, just ask questions in the comments! i'll answer them, i promise! :D and if you want to follow my twitter, my username is @ladynarry :) just ask for a follow back <3 i love you guys! kaithnxbai <3*

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