she's not afraid

Breathing heavily, I stared down at the water that was far below me. Standing on the edge of the bridge, I prepared myself. Just on simple jump and it would all be over. All the pain, all the suffering, all the memories.. it would all be gone. On the count of three..
"One... two... thr-"


4. saving strangers

the voice startled me so much that i slipped. i could feel myself falling. 


this was just the way i wanted it. i felt myself scream, but then the stranger grabbed me. they pulled me back up, and we both fell to the ground.

"NO!" I screamed, thrashing around, trying to get out of the stranger's grip. they were too strong.

"stop moving! please! im trying to help you!

"NO! I WANT TO DIE! LET ME GO!" i was sobbing now. "please.." i started feeling dizzy.

the stranger got to their feet and pulled me up. my head started spinning and i was swaying back and forth. the edges of my vision started to blacken.

"oh my god, are you alright?"

i started falling. i felt the stranger catch me, but then there was only blackness.

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