she's not afraid

Breathing heavily, I stared down at the water that was far below me. Standing on the edge of the bridge, I prepared myself. Just on simple jump and it would all be over. All the pain, all the suffering, all the memories.. it would all be gone. On the count of three..
"One... two... thr-"


2. present day (18 years old)


Ugh. dad must be drinking again. ever since mom left, dad's been an alcohalic. actually, im not even going to call him dad anymore. hes just a monster now. i'll just call him by his first name... john.

"Im coming!" i grabbed my phone and ran down the steps. "what is it?"

"get on the couch."

"dad, wh-"

"just get on the fucking couch!"

i slowly sat on the couch. 

"take off your jeans." 

"no! why, dad?!"


I winced at his loud words, but i obliged. i took off my jeans, and he started walking towards me. once he reached the couch, he grabbed my ankles and pulled me, so i was lying on my back. then he got on top of me. i tried pushing him off. "dad! what the fuck are you doing?!"


i screamed in pain, reaching up to hold my stinging cheek. tears started falling, and they wouldnt stop.

then, i heard the best sound ive heard heard.

knock, knock, knock

"stay right here, you ugly piece of shit" 

it was my chance, the moment i was waiting for. i jumped off the couch, amd ran up to my room. i quickly threw some clothes into a bag, then i grabbed my phone. moving quickly, i went to the window. opening it, i took three deep breaths. then i jumped. i ran away as fast as i could, going anywhere but back.


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