she's not afraid

Breathing heavily, I stared down at the water that was far below me. Standing on the edge of the bridge, I prepared myself. Just on simple jump and it would all be over. All the pain, all the suffering, all the memories.. it would all be gone. On the count of three..
"One... two... thr-"


6. familiar faces

"where.. where am i?"

there was 5 boys sitting in front of me. they all looked really familiar..

"you're in our house, love." a boy with curly hair and stunning green eyes said.

"who are you guys? you look very familiar."

"well, that's expected. we're a world famous boyband." said another one with black hair and pretty brown eyes.

"yeah! we're one direction!" said the other four, all at the same time.

"well it's very nice to meet you boys. can i ask your names? my memory is a little foggy..."

"im louis!" 


"im zayn"


and finally, the one i was dying to know. "im niall," he said quietly. "i saved your life.."

"oh.. thank you, niall.." i didn't know what else to say, so i gave him a hug.

"you're welcome" he replied, smiling. he was very cute.

"what's your name, love?" asked louis.

"oh! oh my gosh, im sorry! im kally," i replied, giggling.

"it's nice to meet you, kally!" said all five, at the same time.

"umm.. is there a restroom i could use, to take a shower..?" i asked.

"well, of course, love! right this way." liam brought me to a restroom, and handed me a towel. 

"thank you" i said, quietly.

"you're welcome!"

i shut the door, quickly getting in the shower. a few minutes later, i hopped out, feeling much better. i pulled some clothes out of my bag, and threw them on. i let my long blonde waves role down my back. they came down to my lower back. next, i applied a small amount of top eyeliner to my bright blue eyes, then some mascara. i checked myself over, making sure i looked decent. i was just about to walk into the living room, but then i heard their voices.

"she can stay here, right?" asked niall.

"of course she can. it doesnt seem like she has anywhere else to go.." replied harry.

"i think niall may fancy her." louis whispered. i had to hold my breath to keep from giggling.

"she's very pretty," admitted niall. i couldn't help it anymore. i walked out.

"awwe, you really think so, niall?" i giggled. his head snapped in my direction, his face turning bright red. he looked down into his lap.

"maybe.." he said, so quietly that i barely heard him. i went over and sat on the couch, still giggling.

"well, thank you" i said, smiling. he finally looked up at me.

"you're welcome" he gave me an adorable smile that made my heart melt.

he was very cute. but i wasn't about to let him know i thought so.. he could wait a while.. i wasn't good enough for him, anyways..


*ohmyjesus, three updates in one day?! what is this sorcery?! :O lol im so happy you guys like the story, it makes me want to write forever! i love you guys! <3 kaithnxbai*

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