she's not afraid

Breathing heavily, I stared down at the water that was far below me. Standing on the edge of the bridge, I prepared myself. Just on simple jump and it would all be over. All the pain, all the suffering, all the memories.. it would all be gone. On the count of three..
"One... two... thr-"


7. discovering secret stories

"are you hungry, love?" louis shouts from the kitchen. "im making breakfast!"

i hesitated with my answer. i havent eaten for the two days that ive been here, and i wasnt hungry, but i wasnt making it obvious.

"no thanks, lou! im good!" niall came and sat beside me. 

"kally, you havent eaten for two days.. you need to eat something, love."

"im fine, really." i forced a smile.

"are you sure..? you're not like.. anorexic or anything, are you..?" my cheeks turned bright red, and i looked down at my hands.


"honey, you're a terrible liar. i can see right through it." zayn said as he walks out of the kitchen. harry, liam, and louis follow. the four boys sat on the floor in front of me, but niall remained by my side.

"what happened, kally? to make you that way?" harry asked hesitantly.

"just.. john-my father.." niall's brilliant blue eyes grew dark.

"did he hurt you?"

"uhm.. no" 

"love, you don't need to lie to us.." i broke down. niall put his arm around me, and four hands flew up to touch my leg.

"we're sorry! we didn't mean to trigger anything!" liam says, desperately. i control myself.

"no, no.. it wasn't your fault." niall's eyes were darker than i've ever seen.

"what did he do to you..?"

"he just.. hit me a lot. he told me i was fat, 24/7. he called me names, like slut, and bitch.. and he always called me ugly.. i just, stopped eating. food wasn't appealing anymore, and my razor became my best friend.." niall slowly took my arm. he pulled up the sleeve on my sweater, gasping when he saw the cuts and scars. he gently ran his fingers over them, his eyes never leaving my wrist.

"kally..." i turned my face down again, gently pulling my wrist away.

"kally, love.. we're so sorry.." l forced a smile, wiping my tears, and shaking myself.

"im alright. i promise."

"can you please at least try and eat something..?" 

"do you have any apples, or strawberries, maybe?" they all jumped up at once, all except niall, and went to the kitchen. niall put a finger under my chin, making me turn and look at him.

"is there any way i can help..?" his stunning eyes were shiny, making them look like the ocean. they were beautiful..

"niall, you saved my life, given me a place to stay, and took care of me. you took me in, even though i'm an absolute disaster-"

"you are not a disaster. and even if you were, you'd be a beautiful disaster.." i gave him a wobbly smile.

"you truly are amazing, niall. you all are. thank you.." he smiled at me as all the other boys ran in, carrying a plate of apples, oranges, strawberries, and grapes. they sat back down in front of me, and i stared hesitantly at the fruit platter. i slowly picked up a strawberry, and popped it in my mouth. they all cheered, each of them giving me a tight hug. i dont know why, but i felt like i belonged her. i was happier than i had been in years, and it felt absolutely incredible.

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