Learning to dance in the rain

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass..."


1. Learning to dance in the rain

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain." -Vivian Greene

*Olivia's POV*

"Ian, where are we going?" I asked my boyfriend, for four years.

I reached up to try and take off the blindfold.

"Don't worry, and don't take that off." He said seriously.

"Fine, but I’m trusting you."

I felt the car come to a sudden stop. I was hoping we didn’t have to walk far, it was typical England weather, wet and rainy.

"Ok, we're here." He said.

"So can I take my blindfold off now?"

"Not yet." I could tell he was smiling. I sigh, I am getting kind of annoyed.

"Why not?" I whined.

"Just wait a minute, I will be over there soon."

I heard the door open and the pitter patter of the rain drops hit the small puddles covering the ground. Then soon after my door swung open to reveal the same sound but louder.

"Ok, you can take it off now."

I ripped off the blindfold and held it in my hand looking out. We were sitting in a big empty parking lot. A little while away was a big bridge with beautiful water flowing under it. I smiled at the look on Ian's face. He was looking at me and I know he could tell I was confused.

" What is this?" I asked.

He walked a little ways away and stared at me. We had just came from dinner so he was wearing a suit and I was wearing my beautiful red cocktail dress.

"Come here." He held his arm out to me. I gladly excepted it and he spun me around.

"Dance with me." His hair was dripping down on my face, that’s when I remembered that we were soaking wet with rain.

"But it's pouring." I nuzzled in my coat to show him I was cold.

"So, come on we aren't going to live forever."

"Fine." I said.

He grabbed my hands and we started dancing. I have to admit it was really fun. We danced for what seemed like eternity, and he spun me away from him. I came rolling back and he dipped me. As he came down too, we kissed. It was so passionate and beautiful, like it was from a dream. If I could, I would relive that memory over and over again. Ian and I danced for a while longer and then he stepped back. Had I done something wrong? He started to back up. What? When we were about two meters away he held out both hands.

"Jump." I was surprised by his statement.

" Jump? You want me to jump into your arms?" I asked surprised. He just shook his head yes.

"Not happening." I said smiling and walking back to the car.

"Come on, live a little." I turned around.

"You would drop me."

"I won't drop you, I promise."

"Ok." I said sarcastically.

I started to run towards him when I jumped, sure enough he caught me. He twirled me around in the air, I felt like Jennifer Grey in "Dirty dancing". When he was bringing me down I was slipping down his side, once I reached the ground our noses where rubbing past each other. I kissed him and we walked back slowly to the car.

"I love you." He said to me hand around my waist.

"I love you too."

"Happy Valentine’s day."

"Happy valentine’s day." I said my arm around his, I was smiling bigger than the moon. What a lovely Valentine’s day.

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