Bad Boys & Quiet Angels

Penelope has always been an outcast. She doesn't have many friends and doesn't talk much. She only talks to her best friend Louis Tomlinson, but what happens when a new guy from Bradford, England Zayn Malik comes to the school. He's known as the Bad Boy and she's known as a Quiet Angel, what will happen when there two seprate worlds clide? Will this be love or a disaster waiting to happen?


3. Zayn Malik


My head was still hurting but I told the nurse I felt fine and I could go to lunch. Louis helped me up and walked me to my locker helping me put my things away. I closed my locker and leaned up against it.
"You okay lovely." Louis asked.
I shook my head and he snaked his arm around my waist. I leaned my head on his shoulder and we walked to lunch. We sat at our usual spot and I tried sleeping but that didn't work out so I just had some of Louis's food.
"Why did you faint in class? Just asking." Lou said not making eye contact with me.
"I don't know. Probably because of Zayn."
"Who's Zayn?"
Just as he asked that Zayn was walking up to our table.
"I'm Zayn. Anyway..." He sat down continuing.
"I hope your feeling better babe."
I nodded and looked at Louis.
"Nice to meet you mate, Louis The Tommo Tomlinson's the name." Louis laughed shaking his hand.
"You too Louis, I'm Zayn Malik."
I sat there listening to them talk and laugh the seemed to be getting on well. So I started feeling more comfortable around Zayn plus he was majorly cute.
"Um, Zayn?" I spoke loudly.
"And she speaks!" He laughed.
"Yes, I do. Well anyway, I know your new to Doncaster so would you like to come to the mall with me and Louis after school?"
He looked at Louis who nodded and smiled.
"I would love too, thanks lovely." He smiled.
I smiled then the lunch bell rang so we went to finish our classes.
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