Bad Boys & Quiet Angels

Penelope has always been an outcast. She doesn't have many friends and doesn't talk much. She only talks to her best friend Louis Tomlinson, but what happens when a new guy from Bradford, England Zayn Malik comes to the school. He's known as the Bad Boy and she's known as a Quiet Angel, what will happen when there two seprate worlds clide? Will this be love or a disaster waiting to happen?


2. The Mysterious Bad Boy

*Penelope's POV*
I walked into class and took my usual seat in the back so I wouldn't get called on. Louis had the same class so he sat next to me. Everyone was seated and the bell rang, after 5 minutes of Mr. Jenson's constant blabbering we heard the door open. It was the new guy, he came in and looked at all of us and gave an evil smirk.
"Well class looks like we have a late mate on our hands." The teacher said trying to get a laugh.
"Sorry sir, I didn't know this was a comedian class. For amateurs." He spoke and everyone gasped.
Mr. Jenson gave him a mad look and pointed to him then pointed to the seat next to me. The new guy smiled and walked to the chair next to me. He sat down and smiled at me, my heart was racing so I looked at Lou.
"Hi." Someone whispered in my ear.
I looked to see new guy cheekily smiling at me. I waved a looked down at my paper.
"I'm Zayn Malik. You are?"
"Penelope Quinn." I said in a low whisper.
"Well Penelope Quinn it's nice to meet you."
I nodded and looked up at the teacher. Zayn sat there staring at me and finally I looked at him.
"Yes?" I asked quietly my voice shaking.
"You are just really beautiful." He said with a wink.
My eyes widened and my pulse rate sped up. I felt very light headed and then everything went black.
*Louis's POV*
God get me out of here. I just sat there doing nothing then heard a loud thump. Penelope was laying on the ground. I got up and fell on my knees next to her.
"Peanut? Hey peanut come on wake up." I said tapping her cheek.
After 5 minutes of trying to wake her up and Mr. Jenson calling the front office her eyes fluttered open. Her hand immediately went to her forehead.
*Penelope's POV*
I opened my eyes and saw Lou hovering over me. My head hurt really bad so I lifted my hand a placed it on my forehead.
"Peanut? Are you okay?" Louis asked concerned.
"I don't know, my head hurts."
"Okay the nurse is coming,"
I just laid there noticing that everyone's eyes were on me, including Zayn's. I heard footsteps coming towards me and I looked over.
"Hi sweetheart, how are you feeling?" I nurse asked.
"My head hurts."
"Okay let's go to my office."
She and Louis helped me into the wheel chair and Lou grabbed mine and his book bag. Then I saw Zayn grabbing his. I must of looked confused because Zayn smiled at me and we proceeded to leave. We got to the Nurse's office and Louis helped me lay on the cot. My head was throbbing and I looked at Zayn who sat quietly in my corner. He caused me to faint, no one has ever had that effect on me before, weird.
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