Bad Boys & Quiet Angels

Penelope has always been an outcast. She doesn't have many friends and doesn't talk much. She only talks to her best friend Louis Tomlinson, but what happens when a new guy from Bradford, England Zayn Malik comes to the school. He's known as the Bad Boy and she's known as a Quiet Angel, what will happen when there two seprate worlds clide? Will this be love or a disaster waiting to happen?


1. First Day Back

*Penelope's POV*
My eyes popped open when my phone started buzzing like crazy, my heart still pounding from being startled. I rolled over and looked at it, Louis my best friend since 1st grade was calling. I answered groggily,

"Hi Lou, good Morning."
"Morning Love, I was just calling to wake you up."
"Thanks mate. But my alarm clock could of done that." I laughed.
"I thought you would like a personal wake up. I'll be over to pick you up around 7:00 so get up now. Bye babe."
"Bye Lou."
I smiled and set my phone on the nightstand. I threw the blankets off of myself and swung my legs over the side of my bed. I yawned and stretched then got up and went to pick out my outfit. I opened my window to check the weather.
"What a beautiful day." I said to myself shutting the window. I walked over to my closet and went rummaging through every shirt,dress,skirt or any other clothing wear and finally found my perfect outfit. I wore my super skinny jeans, a blue tight top with a jean jacket, and my brown sneaker wedges my mum bought me when she went to America over the summer. I went straight to my bathroom and ran my fingers through my long blonde hair and debated on if I should curl or straighten it. After 10 minutes of debating with myself I curled it. After that was finished I put on my make up, brushed my teeth and headed downstairs. When I reached the Kitchen I heard Louis honk.
"Bye mum!" I screamed grabbing my book bag and keys.
"Bye dear, have a good day,"
I thanked her and walked outside. Louis unlocked the door and I got in kissing his cheek.
"Hi Lou." I smiled.
"Hi Peanut."
He always has called me peanut because he thinks Penelope is to complicated to say.
We drove to the school and when we got out I instantly went into my quiet mode.
"So another year of being a quiet outcast aye?" Louis laughed.
I nodded and got out of the car. We walked to get our locker numbers and schedules then had 33 minutes to do what we wanted. I sat at my locker and looked at the doors as they swung open. A tall tanned boy came through. His face in a pouty mysterious position, his hair shaggy and jet black, his eyes you could tell we're hazel or brown. My eyes were locked on him, he wore tight jeans and a letter man jacket. I didn't realize how long I had been staring until Louis came over to me and my attention came back.
"You okay?" He asked.
"Mm mhm."
He nodded and I looked up again. He looked at me the followed my gaze.
"So you like new guy?"
"What no." I whispered.
He laughed and the first bell rang. I grabbed my book bag and walked to Mr.Jenson's history class.
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