Maybe if i was gone...

This is a story about a girl that is constanly bullied about her weight, her height, her smile, her hair, everything. she is so depressed. she doesn't know what to say or do, she's told the teachers, counslers, staff. they don't belive it.


1. Do they really know my story..?

I'm Emotional, Depressed, Lost, Confused. All of the above. and i know why. It's all because i'm constantly, bullied. a good day for me, is not getting beat up.. otherwise, i'm bullied and beaten up everyday. I get beat up because of my height, weight, eye color. anything they can be mean about. I'm constantly called, mean names. Like worthless, useless, ugly,fat, whore, slut, skank. And it hurts. The words are starting to cut deep. 

     Hi, i'm Natasha. I'm 5'4", i'm 16, i weight 150 pounds. i go to a school named wingmot high school. and everyday i'm bullied. it's getting to the point i think about suicide. no one realizes how much it hurts. My friends don't know how to help me. They don't want to get bullied. So they just let the bullies beat me up and yell and cuss at me. i don't know why they hate me.. i haven't done anything to them ever. I'm so quiet, so i can't say nothing. I've told adults. They don't do anything. I think they hate me just as much as the bullies do. I've been bullied since i was in 5th grade. I'm lost in my words. It's like i don't matter. And i'm starting to believe it. And the more i believe it the more i just want to be gone. Maybe if i was gone, i wouldn't be such a burden. 

My friends say i'm pretty and skinny. But i don't believe it. I can't seem to get those horrid words out of my head.

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