unexpected Love

Jenna Cole just moved to New York City a week ago she starts school in 2 days she's worried people with make fun of her but she runs across 5 cuties who lives on all sides of her who knows what will happen between them will she fall for one of them or all of them.


1. New Town New School New Everything!

Hi my name is Jenna Cole but you can call me Jenna I just moved here and I don't know anyone and I start school in 2 days no ones gonna like me because I'm a nerd I wear plaid shirts with suspenders diffrent color hi water pants vans big nerdy glasses and my hairis brown with red its straight i wear it diffrent ways. Theres these boys who are in my grade I met them today Louis lives on the right side  of me he's relly funny Zayn lives on the left side of me he's kind of mysterious Niall livesin front of me he's really shy when we were talking he was looking at the ground the whole time Harry lives on the right of Niall he's very cheeky I love his dimples there so cute and Liam lives on the left side of Niall he's so nice and sweet. The boys have been friends with eachother for a long time they have been helping me unpack my things they have been so nice when we were done we all went down stairs and sat on the couch not all of us fit on there so i was laying on their laps it was 6:30 Zayn Harry Liam and Louis had to go home for din er Niall didn'thave to go home yet so we were on the couch my mom was I  her room Niall could tell something was bothering me What's wrong Jenna? I'm just scared to go to school tomorrow I told him Why no one will make fun of you plus if anyone does you can count on me and the guys to have your back. Thanks 

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