Bigger Than My Body

When Natalii Walker falls for one of the hottest guys at her school, Adam Lane, she realizes that he's different. The fact that he even acknowledges her is surprising, and she pushes aside his "faults" even when she suspects he could be dangerous. All the while her best friend, Ryan Daley, is trying to save her before Adam's clan of Hydras take over Natalii for the power she is unaware she holds...


2. Chapter 2


I picked up my backpack and slipped my notes into my binder all in one swift movement. It was then I noticed that Ryan had completely vanished from where he had been sitting about 5 seconds before. I heard the click of the class door, and I realized that Ryan must have darted out of the room as soon as the bell had rung. Where's he going? I wondered. Deciding that he couldn't have gotten very far from the school, I started out into the rain once again. Flying down the stairs and rounding the first corner of portables, I saw a shadowy figure sliding into the darkness of a short and narrow ally-way. I slowed, my heart beating faster and faster with every step I took towards the opening of the darkness. My bravery caught up with me and I jumped into the unknown. All of the sudden, my vision was filled completely with light. After my eyes adjusted, I took a step forward, stealthily watching the dark figure as he tipped his head back and moaned in agony. I watched as he swore under his breath, I knew that voice.

The light filled all of the darkness and I was exposed, along with Ryan standing 5 feet away from me. Now that I could clearly see him, I observed the light protruding from Ryan's necklace as if it were a bright star in the sky. I also saw that Ryan was standing with his shirt now torn, he tipped his head back once more and with another agonizing yelp, his shirt was cast off of his body by some force. I watched as a dark black pair of wings jutted out from his upper shoulder blades and out about 3 to 4 feet out on either side of him.

I let out a gasp, realizing all too late that he had heard me. He quickly spun around to face me, his eyes filled with alarm, he opened his mouth as if to speak, but no words came out. Suddenly he was directly in front of me, close enough for me to see every ruffled feather in his wings. Anger washed over him as he spoke to me, "What are you doing here?" he spit at me. I had never heard Ryan sound this angry before, and it was starting to frighten me.

When I finally found my voice, I spoke quietly, "I could ask you the same question," I gestured to his wings.

"Don't try to be funny Walker; I'm not in the mood," his tone was flat, his eyes burning into mine as we spoke.

"You think I'm being funny? I followed you here because I thought you might be in trouble," So I lied; big whoop, "Now please explain this before I decide on the fact that I've gone completely mad,"

"Well..." He trailed off into the thoughts inside his head, then grabbed my face in his hands and pressed my forehead to his. I suddenly had a jolt of energy pass through me, strong enough to make my skin crawl, and make goose bumps appear on the majority of my body.

Everything went black.

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