Bigger Than My Body

When Natalii Walker falls for one of the hottest guys at her school, Adam Lane, she realizes that he's different. The fact that he even acknowledges her is surprising, and she pushes aside his "faults" even when she suspects he could be dangerous. All the while her best friend, Ryan Daley, is trying to save her before Adam's clan of Hydras take over Natalii for the power she is unaware she holds...


1. Chapter 1


Late again, I thought as I slammed my locker closed. Shoes squishing with every large stride, I rushed up the dripping staircase. Once I crossed the threshold to the class, Mr. Rain's steely blue eyes met mine. It felt as though he could see right through me. "Miss Walker," He said as I sat my stuff down on my desk. He simply nodded his head towards the door, signaling my cue to go up the the office. Once outside, I tried my best to avoid the water droplets propelling down all around me.

I looked through the attendance window, my breath fogging up the glass, and saw the assistant principal filing through a pile of paper work on her desk. I cleared my throat and her eyes flicked up to mine. "Hey, Nat," Mrs. Dove said, giving me pitiful smile as she handed me, yet another tardy pass. I simply waved at her as I walked away. Why? I thought to myself. The reason I was late wasn't because I was at my locker, or because my last teacher held us after the bell; it was because I spent a few extra minutes getting ready at home. I put on mascara, blush, and a little bit of lip gloss; all to try to impress my crush.

As I was remembering the events of this morning, I some-what zoned out. The next thing I knew, my face was pressed into the shoulder of a person that I must have walked into. "Uh, sorry," I said, picking up the excuse slip from where it landed on the ground. "It's cool, no worries, love," said a smooth-as-velvet voice, coated with a soft, English accent. I knew that voice. I looked up to find a pair of green-blue eyes, spotted with brown, looking directly at me. Adam's light brown hair, that was just long enough to dangle slightly in front of his eyes, was dripping with small rain droplets as we spoke. "Um, I don't believe I caught your name," He said, giving me a chance to re-focus.

"Oh, uh, I'm Natalii," I said, and did my best filled-with-confidence smile, showing my teeth.

"Nice to meet you Natalii, I'm Adam Lane," He replied, and made a small smirk, just large enough to show his dimples. "I hope to see you around,"

He took my hand in his, and did a light shake. Something about the dry, roughness of his hand felt strange to me. I think he noticed that I found something abnormal about him, for when I looked up at his eyes, his gaze was fixed on me. I noticed something else then, his pupils were oval shaped unlike those of a human's. "Uh, later," he said quickly, trying to be nonchalant about the fact that I could be catching on to something weird.

Did that really just happen? I thought to myself, feeling a goofy smile plastered to my face as I walked back to Social Studies. I felt on top of the world when I realized a thought that kept appearing in the back of my mind. The shape his pupils took was strange, and I couldn't think of a logical explanation for it. I pondered at different reasoning's for his eyes, as I sat back down in class.

"Hey," said a friendly voice next to me.

"Hiya Ryan," I said to him and smiled. His bright blue eyes shinning when I turned to face him, his cheeks turning a rosie pink-ish color. Ryan Daley had always had a hard, rough look to his features. His hair was up in the front and lightly gelled, and his smile, full of pearly white teeth.

Ryan and I have been friends since we were in the second grade, and we tell each other everything, even now. He's seen the best and worst of me, and he has yet to leave my side, and for that, I was thankful.

"Mr. Rain is just in a bad mood today, don't take him too seriously," he said smiling at me, and gave me a small hug.

"I never do," I replied grinning and sticking my tongue out towards Mr. Rain while his back was to us. I could feel Ryan laughing beside me, his elbow touching mine gently. I looked back at him  and winked before getting out a pencil for notes. Ryan slid his notebook over a bit, so I could copy down the facts I had missed while in the office. At the bottom of the page he had written a small note, You seem jittery, you okay, Walker? In return I clicked my pen, trying to think of a way around telling Ryan about me seeing Adam. Yeah I'm fine, where have you been lately Daley? I wrote, remembering that Ryan hadn't been here the last two or three days. His brow creased lightly ask he began writing his answer, Oh you know, just out causing trouble. I smiled at the paper, reading the note dripping with sarcasm.

The most adventurous thing Ryan had ever done, was when we were 11 and decided it would be a good idea to hide from my mother in the supermarket. My mom flipped out and called our names on the intercom, forcing us to go home earlier than we would both have liked.

In a strange way, I felt as though Ryan was telling the truth. In fact, in the last 36 hours, Ryan had change into what appeared to be an almost completely different person. His hair seemed to be slightly darker, and he was wearing black skinny jeans with a maroon colored shirt, instead of his usual shorts and colorful tee. He was wearing black and white high-tops, rather than his old, worn out vans. The one thing remaining normal about him, aside from his humor, was the silver chain with red angel wings, hanging down from his neck.

I stared at the charm around his throat and couldn't help but wonder about the story behind the necklace, just then Ryan caught my attention, right as the bell sounded, ending school for the day.

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