Business or Pleasure?

What happens when One Direction gets a new PR Agent...The boys don't really know about it until they see her. She is gorgeous, perfectly composed, yet able to be completely wild. We'll see if this arrangement can keep her business, separate from their pleasure.


2. Rings...

*Harry POV*

"You're kidding right? SHE is OUR new manager?!" As soon as the words came out of Zayn's mouth, he immediately regretted it. The look on Amiliana's face had shown a flash of hurt for only a second before she quickly regained her composure. "I-I'm sorry I didnt' mean it like that its ju-" Zayn was cut off by a song-like voice.

"Its okay, don't worry about it, I'm Amiliana, but people usually call me Millie." she said with a smile, her full lips pulling upward showing a set of perfect white teeth. Zayn had a look of pure embarrassment as he shook her hand. She shook our hands as we introduced ourselves one by one, when it was my turn to stand up and greet her, I got to look at her. She was tan, with long brunette hair, darker on the top and gradually lightening towards the bottom. She was dressed rather proffessionally, with black trousers, with a tucked in light purple pinstriped top with a bow, and a black blazer. She was fit. She looked athletic, yet elegant at the same time.

"Hi, I'm Harry." I said, smooth yet quick. Didn't give me nearly enough time to mess up like Zayn did. As she sat down across from me I noticed that she was wearing a diamond ring on her wedding finger. She's married? I could feel my conscience sink into his chair, with the hint of dissappointment. Maybe she's engaged, doesn't matter Haz you are not going after a taken girl. Your love life is lacking enough as it is. I was drawn out of my inner argument when I heard Simon begin to speak.

"So boys, I will be leaving tomorrow to go back to America for the X Factor, so Amiliana will be here. She will take care of everything that I would, so if you have any questions for me....ask her." We all laughed at his little lecture he was giving us. Soon enough our food had arrived.

"So Millie, do you always dress like that?" Niall asked whilst stuffing his mouth with food. She laughed as she quickly responded.

"Oh NO," she laughed "I just dress like this whenever I worked in the office, I'm 20 so I'm not particularly excited about wearing a blazer and trousers everyday" She replied.

"You're only 20?" Liam asked

"Yeah, I went to uni for about a year before I got my job at the agency, and things just flew. The money was great, its what I wanted to do, what I was going to uni for anyways, so I just quit and worked full time." She replied.

We went on to talk more about her. She is Pacific Islander, Irish, Spanish, Maori, and Australian. She was a hula dancer until the age of 16. She took ballet for numerous years. Traveled the world with her family before moving out at the age of 17. She lived in a tiny flat with no bedroom, so she slept on her couch until she saved enough money from the agency to rent a decent flat, and buy a bed. And she can cook.

"Okay," she cut off the questions "enough about me, what about you guys?" She sat and listened intentively for the next hour or so as we all told her our stories. Her and Niall connected on the homesick feeling, even though her mum and dad live about 3 hours away,she doesn't get many chances to see them. Her and Liam both had surgeries, so they bonded over that. Zayn and her both knew some bollywood songs which sent them into their own little conversation, Louis and her bonded over their undying love for nautica-esque clothing, and her and I connected over our neighbouring hometowns, of Cheshire and Leigh.

By the end of the night we were walking back to our cars, as Simon told us to all exchange numbers with Amiliana in case we would need something. Before we departed we said our goodbyes to Simon as he was headed to America tomorrow. As he was getting into the car he reminded us to take care of Millie while he was gone, before he closed the door Millie responded saying,

"Wait isn't it supposed to be the other way around" We all laughed as we said our goodbyes and walked to our vehicles....

This is what Amiliana was wearing:

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks to those who read this chapter I decided I'd go ahead and type the second one real quick so you guys aren't left with just the first one. I hope you lot liked this and comment on it for more, be sure to like and favourite as well. Thank you! - Rachel Love x

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