A Vacation of a Life Time!



2. On the Plane

I pulled along my purple suitcase behind me down the long hallway where I could here people boarding after my ticket was scanned. I stepped onto the airplane with disbelief. i couldn't believe that this was real. We were going to Florida.
We found our seats and put our suitcases above them and then sat down. I say by the window. Time passed and announcements came on telling us to put our seatbelts on and I did so. Then more time passed and we were ready for takeoff. Woohoo!!!
As soon as we started moving I buckled my seatbelt as tight as it could go and held on to the arms of the chair really tight. It felt as if my heart skipped a few beats. I shut the window because I was so scared. The plane was going really fast which was scary.
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