living life to the fullest as a teenager
young and wild and free


1. Liam (the name of the chapter is who's point of view it is)



Maxxie = Niall                                    tony=liam                                            sid=harry

Chris=Louis                                         anwar=zayn                                       jal=zoey

Michelle=Alicia                                  cassie=megan                                   sketch= taylor



Bzzzzzzzzzzzz as my alarm went off. I shut it off as I turned my music up. Started to do my morning workout. I checked myself out in the mirror and I looked pretty damn buff. The alarm on my watch went off and I went to the window and spotted my sister. She does this every night, comes home very hung over. She points to the door and with that I go and turn my music up as loud as it can go.

“LIAM!” my dad yelled. I gave my sister the thumbs up.

“FOR GODS SAKE LIAM, LIAM, TURN IT DOWN!” He barges into my room.

“SORRY THE VOLUME IS STUCK AGAIN!” I yell back giving my sister enough time to go up to her room and get dressed.

“TURN IT DOWN, EVERY FUCKING MORNING, GO GET IT FIXED.” He kept yelling.  I see Effy go by into her room.


“HOLLY SHIT!” He yells as he leaves the room. I press the off button and get ready. I go to the washroom and start reading my book.

“Fucker, How long are you going to be in there!” Dad yells from the door.

“Not long.” I say back

“You fucking twat, how is it that I’m never allowed to use my own bathroom.” He kicks the door and leaves. I brush my teeth and climb out of the bathroom window. I love to piss my dad off. I go through the front door and into the kitchen.

“Hello sweetheart, want some eggs?” mom asks.

“No thanks.” I reply.

“Effy’s having some, she didn’t sleep to well last night.” I sit down beside Effy and she grins at me. I can still hear my dad yelling for me to get out of the bathroom. As his yelling he comes downstairs and sees me.

“I think the locks messed up again, The drills under the sink.” I say trying not to laugh. He starts swearing and trying to find the drill.

“Do you have to swear all the time Frank?” mom asks as he keeps on swearing. I ate my cereal and go out of the house. I take out my phone and start to call Harry. He doesn’t pick up so it goes on voice mail “you’re a lazy turd Harry. We have plans remember. Consider your cock, ring me back.”

I start to call Louis. His phone goes on voicemail too. Jesus. I turn the phone off and call Zoey.

“Liam, What?” Wow she answered.

“Hey Zoey, Can you go and wake up Harry?”

“Harry lives a half a mile away.”

“Alright hang on I have another call.” I look at my phone and its Alicia calling.

“Hey nips” I say.

“Stop calling me nips Liam. My nipples are not funny.”

“That’s your opinion, Anyways you said you would help out with Harry today.”


“The virgin thing.”

“Oh you were serious.”

“His got to pop his cherry and I’ve nominated you to help out.”

“Do I have too?” She said annoyed.

“You promised, Hold on I got Louis on the line, stay there.”

“Hey man, you ringed.” Louis said in a sleepy voice.

“Were the fuck is everyone?”

“I’m in bed.”

“Can’t you go get Harry?”

“I can’t I’m busy. Busy-busy, you remember.” Oh ya he was going to fuck buck tooth.

“buck tooth? Give her a hello from me” I ask.

“You already did that didn’t ya? It my turn now, See ya later.” I turn back to my call with Alicia.

“It’s not that much to ask nips, Harry’s 17, His got to get laid before my birthday or he can’t be my friend” I tell her.

“What the fuck are you talking about Liam?” Zoey says.

“Oh shit wrong call, can you hold?”


“Well perhaps you could help with Harry’s cherry?”

“No, you need someone deaf, blind and stupid for that.”

“That’s mean.”

“Bye Liam.”She says annoyed.

“Wait want to come to a party?”

“Goodbye Liam and stop calling Alicia nips.”

“It’s a funny name, she’s got funny nipples.” I say as she hangs up.  This time I actually switch to Alicia.

“You still there?” I ask.

“All right, I’ll help Harry if his so desperate.” She says back.

“Alright tonight at the party ya? Come to the café then well plan.”

“We need to plan?”

“Ya see you later nips.”

“Stop calling me n” I hung up on her. I called Zayn to see what he was up too.

“I can’t talk now!” He whispered. “oww” I heard him yell “Cheers liam, Liam?” Will I had to hang up because I forgot he was at church.

“Hello mr.styles, I’m worried about Harry, his got a socials test in ten minutes.” I tell Harry’s dad on the phone.

“What, his What?” He yells. I could hear him yell as he goes into Harry’s room and gives him the phone.

“Café now. We got things to talk about.”

“Like what.” He asks.

“virgins, virginity.”

“Whose?” He asks.

“Yours you anus, hold on” It was Zayn.

“Cheers my uncle wants to stone me to death, What do you want?” He yells at me.

“Party tonight Harry’s getting de-cherried.”

“Louis promised Niall we go to his big gay night out.”

“Are you and Louis gay?”

“No, but Niall says there is going to be lots of hot women there desperate because there is no one to shag them except for me and Louis”

“Zayn you twat, Harry’s flying solo down the tunnel of love and he needs support ya?”

“Could we watch?”

“O jesus.” I hung up what an idiot. Last person to call Niall.

“Yup.” He says.

“Hey Niall we need you tonight.”

“Sorry bra, big gay night out with me and the lads.”

“The lads?”

“Ya, I’m going to take them on a voyage of wonder and discovery.”

“Fuck that, for fucks sakes stop tap dancing, I can’t hear myself think.”

“Sorry got to get these moves for the show.”

“Alright meet me on the green before psychology.”

“Got ya.” He says as he hangs up. Oh wait I was still on the phone with Harry.

“Harry, Harry?”

“Ah Ya.” He sounded frightened.

“Café 20 minutes, tonight’s your lucky night.” I hung up he should be happy.











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