Valentine's Day

This short story is for a contest.


1. The Perfect Date

So, Harry had decided to take me out to dinner for my Valentine's day present. He took me to this fancy French resturant. We ate, laughed, and chatted. We were headed back to our apartment when he started going the wrong way.

 I told him," We are going the wrong way, sweety".

He just ignored me and kept driving. He drove for about twenty minutes and stopped in this parking lot. He got out and walked over to my door and helped me out of the car and said,

"Follow me".

I got out of the car and Harry took my hand gently and led me through the woods. I was just watching my feet step on the path and then looked up to see this crystal clear pond with a bridge over it. Harry walked me to the middle of the bridge. He gave my three pennies and told me to make a wish on them.

1st wish- "To always be with you, Harry"

2nd wish- "To grow up and have 2 children of my own"

3rd wish- "To someday go to college"

Then, I tossed then into the pond. Then he pulled out three pennies and said,

"My first wish is to make you happy forever and always. My second wish is to have a little baby girl and name her Darcy and I will protect her."

He tossed two pennies into the pond. Then he got down on one knee and I looked into his emerald eyes and started to tear up because I knew what he was doing. He pulled out a ring and took my hand and said,

"I wish you will marry me. So, Madison Nicole, will you marry me?"

I couldn't reply through my tears of joy so I just nodded. He picked me up and spun me around. We kissed  passionatly for the first time. But before we left, we tossed the last penny into the pond together. 


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